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VIDEO: Finger gymnastics for children (in Russian)

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finger gymnastics, fine motor skill development games.


These tricks would be suitable to try with younger preschoolers and I persist to use them with kindergarteners who persist to struggle with in-hand exploitation skills. Explainer videos at

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Even I was aware about Gymnastics and the importance of same to achieve a flexible body I have never heard about finger gymnastics. The video you have shared above helped us to have a better directv select package understanding about the  importance of finger gymnastics and how this can be done. 

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I have watched the video which you were uploaded here. From this, I learned about finger gymnastics for children. I think these kind of skill development games are very useful to students. I would like to thank you for providing this information. photo retouching services

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In the event that the creators have done their employment right, you will overlook they are even on your head!

In the event that the creators have done their employment right, you will overlook they are even on your head!

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