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"I never say it enough" by Alex Mayzlin

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You know when you're just standing there, doing something, and then a song comes on from out-of-nowhere, and it just reminds you of the love of your life, your awesome husband or wife. Well, here's a song by one of our talented Russian Parents group member, Alex Mayzlin (, that does just that! Alex wrote this song for his beautiful wife Ilona. Here's some detail of how he came up with the idea, according to him:
"For 10 years of our marriage, my wife Ilona has been hinting at me to write a song for her. I really wanted to but kept putting it aside to give way to other musical and non-musical projects. Finally, I got around to doing it for our 10-year wedding anniversary. Yet, I didn't just wanna write lame words about how much I love my wife. 10 years of KVN taught me better than that. The song had to have a comedic twist on things and at the same time keep the passionate attitude I feel towards my wife. Plus I really wanted to sing in both languages to emphasize the fact that we're Russian Americans, and we preserve our roots and our language."
We think Alex Mayzlin did an excellent job showing his wife his feelings. We would like to share this beautiful song with you.
"I Never Say It Enough" - music, lyrics and arrangement written and sang by Alex Mayzlin.
Saxophone - Boris Shpitalnik, a professional jazz and classical musician.