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    • Dr. Yan Lupyan 1 (718) 232-1022
    • Dr. Alla Mesh 718-625-2123 she used to work in ny headache center before starting her own practice


  • DISCLAIMER: We are not doctors, nor are we providing medical advice in this article. If you or your child has a serious condition, please see your physician.
    WARNING: It is advised not to give honey to babies less than 12 months of age due to chance of botulism. We do not recommend this remedy before 18 months.  Also, some children are allergic to honey - so only try if you or your child is not allergic to honey.  If you have any stomach, intestinal, liver or kidney conditions - this remedy is not recommended.


    • Dr. Steven Rosenberg -  902 49 st. 718 283 8000
    • Dr. Mark Steele * - Brooklyn office in Boro Park. 1552 49th Street 718-435-2020; He is a Director of Pediatric Opthomalogy and Strabismus Division at NYU.
    • Dr. Nam - in same group as Dr. Steele, above. She has office in boro park it was a lot quicker to get to see her
    • Dr. Marc Lustig* -  in boro park - 718-435-2020 and address is 1552 49th street
    • Dr. Brian Campallataro - (212) 684-3980
  • Dr. Shuster

    • I delivered with Schuster and he is an AMAZING dr, he didn't leave my room not even for a min the WHOLE time I was admitted, he was great all around, I would recomment him to anyone any day!
    • I would recommend against shuster! Not crazy about him as a person, his staff is rude and disrespectful and his waits are at least 2 hours per visit. When I became pregnant I switched out of his practice. And have never regretted doing so.
    • Dr. Marilyn C. Agin in Manhattan
    • Dr. Olga Katz - she is in SI, but she sees both kids and adults.
    •  Dr Tromer -- at Maimonides Med Center.