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We appreciate your interest and look forward to working with you.

Russian Parents members are knowledgable, caring, and entertaining parents. They are continuously looking for quality products, services, and events for their bambinos. With our banner ads, group posts, articles, and social media packages, you will reach the largest, most-targeted audiences of parents.

Here are some options for advertising with Russian Parents World. 
All ads are marked with "SP",  meaning Sponsored Post - always!

  1. Advertise on our home page with banner ads, articles, and announcements.

  2. Advertise on our social media (i.e.  our groups, fan pages, Instagram)

  3. Be in our business directory.

  4. You can sponsor one of our events for parents.

  5. You can sponsor one of our contests.

  6. You can create a promotional code to be used by members of our group.


To learn more about advertising campaign please contact us at