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About Us

We made this site in the hopes that it would become a virtual home for Russian Parents. A home where they could find everything they were hoping to find out from "friends and family", read all news and services that they need as parents. A group of parents  in 2011 started a secret Facebook group as a place for us and our friends to share information about parenting, vendors, services, how tos, etc. At first, there were just 15 moms reading it at the beginning and then group grew. Within months, we had a large membership of mothers and fathers who were actively participating and adding to discussions. A lot of very useful content was produced as a result of the groups topics - so this website was created as a placeholder of this content. As time goes by, we will ask the best experts and writers to post and write for our website. We hope you find this site useful and will tell your other Russian parent friends about it.

If you wish to join our secret Facebook group (it's by invitation only!), please send a friend request to 

Русская Мамочка

and we will add you to the group.  Current membership is ~13,000 members.

Welcome again!