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NJ Teacher May Lose Job After 5-Year-Olds Found "Having Sex" In Class Bathroom

It’s been a lingering question for decades. Do kids in private schools learn more than kids in public schools?
This debate took an interesting turn and caused quite a ruckus in a secret Russian Parent Facebook group (an invite-only parenting group) when members of the group learned of statements regarding this topic made by Mr. Vlad Gorny, director of Bambi Academy (ada Big Apple Academy) in Brooklyn, NY.  He wrote the following in response to the topic of private vs public schools on his school's FB group page...

Where to get information or sign up alerts on NYC public school closures: get all the links / resources on this page. 

Read about one of our Russian Parents, Anna Khavulya’s personal story, titled,  From Russia to Mazel, a Changing View on Education.  In her blog article, Anna writes about her experiences and expectations as a Russian mother and how  Mazel Day School impacted her family’s life. 

Educational, yet fun, websites for kids and students.

Tutor list recommended by the members of the Russian Parents group on Facebook.