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Why BASIS Independent Brooklyn? Because...

Though only in its second year of operation, BASIS Independent Brooklyn is quickly changing the landscape of education in New York City. Open in Red Hook, Brooklyn in a 100,000 square foot brand new schoolhouse housing PreK-12th grade students, BASIS Independent Brooklyn may be new to the city, but is certainly not new to education.
Co-founders Dr. Michael and Olga Block opened their first school in 1998 in Arizona, with a very simply goal: to create an academic program that would educate students to be the best in the world.
Seventeen years and twenty one schools later – including an international school in Shenzhen China, an independent school in the heart of Silicon Valley, and a PreK-12th grade independent school right here in Brooklyn – the schools truly are recognized as offering one of the best educations in the world. BASIS.ed managed schools are ranked #1, #2, and #6 in the United States according to the 2015 Washington Post rankings, and are ranked within the very top in the world in critical thinking in math, reading, and science according to the OECD test for schools based on PISA.  
The success of BASIS Independent comes down to the interplay of passionate, subject expert teachers present in every classroom and a robust, accelerated, curriculum rooted in the liberal arts with courses such as Engineering, Mandarin, World History, Logic, Calculus to name a few. Students grow to truly love learning and are years ahead of peers in math, reading, and science.
To help bring to life the experience as a family at BASIS Independent Brooklyn, Igor and Natalie share their perspective as parents to two boys in 1st and 3rd grade:
What made you decide to enroll at BASIS Independent Brooklyn?
“When we moved back to NYC we were looking at a short list of several schools, but at the end it came down to BASIS and one other private school. When choosing school we were looking for a well-rounded educational program, where our kids can have fun learning and interacting with their peers, while being sufficiently challenged in core subjects to remain competitive in the future. We also wanted to have our kids interacting with other kids from different backgrounds, countries, etc. That is what we had found to be true at BASIS and we really happy with a choice we made.”
How does the program align with your educational values as a family?
“The STEM-focused program at school is very much aligned with what we were looking for. It is sufficiently rigorous, however, we had not had a day when our kids did not want to go to school. We also value very much that this program is enhanced by an individual attention and flexibility. For example, when our older son in 2nd grade was slightly ahead in Math, his teacher challenged him to solve square roots and made it interesting for him to continue his development in this subject.”
Do you have a favorite story of your experience thus far?
“When we started at the school mid-year last year, we were confident that our kids would be able to successfully handle the program, except for Mandarin, which they never had a chance to learn. However, in 3 months’ time, we had discovered, that when they wanted to keep a secret from us, they started to talk Mandarin to each other, which made us laugh, but it also showed the “magic” Ms. Fan could do in her class in such a short period of time. Now we also started to learn some of the words to keep up with our kids.”
You are invited to visit BASIS Independent Brooklyn and experience firsthand how we are redefining education. Register for a tour or an upcoming Informational Event. The special Open House on October 3 is a great way to meet teachers and immerse in the program.
Even better, the school offers transportation routes throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. Now enrolling Pre-K 3 through 10th grade. Learn more at or by calling the Admissions Office at 718 643 6302 or emailing them at