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Weaning pacifier tips - ending the pacifier habit.

Survive the pacifier weaning stage with these tips from our members.
  • Cold turkey. We both cried for 2 weeks and then 1 day she just stopped asking for it. Good luck.
  • Cut the tip of the pacifier little by little.... Or leave it for Ded Maroz as a present under the tree....
  • When my older one was 2 I told her that she was a big girl and we needed to give them away so that they could go to the babies that needed them. She said no way. So one day the stork just came and got them at night. She (and I cried) for 2 weeks and then she got used to it. 
  • Cold turkey. I told her the animals from the forest came and took it because it was no good anymore. A friend of mine actually cut the nipple off and told her daughter someone broke it. It's tough. U cry. They cry. It took my daughter like four to six days to forget about it.
  • I think cold turkey is the only way!- we were downstairs one day and she playfully gave it to the doorman- and we never gave it to her again!- she just blamed him for taking it and thats it - few nights of crying ull be done!- most imp thing is to make sure they dont find any other ones in the house!
  • Gutnik I cut it, bit by bi until there was not enough to suck un. She then sleept with it in her hand :)
  • Cold turkey. We told our twins that baba yaga zabrala pasifiers. Worked out fine.
  • I wrote Ethan a letter from the pacifier which he picked up himself from the mail box. It said that she had to go home because she was tired to serve him for the last two years. It worked very well for about two nights...when he kept asking for it I reminded him about the letter.
  • We went cold turkey at about 1.5, but i think its harder to get rid of paci when they are 2. my friends daughter loves her paci and they cant live without it:)
  • When my son was 15 months, i bought about 10 helium balloons and tied them to the paci. Then I gave it to my son and said that a new baby was born in the hospital that needs it. He released it and watched it fly away and we waved bye bye together. Then if he mentioned it I reminded him about what a nice boy he is for giving his paci to a new baby.
  • At 2.5 we went to build-a-bear shop and told DD that big girls have bears instead of Pacis - she chose a bear and put all her pacifiers inside the bear (along with a heart that the shop provides) and helped stuff and zip it up. She never asked for it again (eventhough my 6 month old used a pacifier)