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Vocal Lessons

  • Voice coach - I can highly recommend Irina Fagelson, she gives private singing lessons at home. Her number: 718-373-4652
  • - she is a graduate of Julliard School of Music and gives lessons in Brooklyn on Kings Highway
  • Kings Bay Y - Russian Childrens Chorus is looking for children ages 5 to 12. Classes are on Sundays 12:30 and Thursdays 6:30 at Kings Bay Y.

It's mostly vocal but also rhythm and a touch of "сольфеджио". he is amazing. my daughter cannot sing a clean note as of yet, and for her the class is mostly remedial, but he is so inspiring and supportive that she loves the lessons and looks forward to them. He is pretty demanding too, and I notice progress.

  • Dmitriy Slepovich -


can i please have more info about this classes, is it group or individual and how much is it
thank you very much