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Tragic RP Community News: 2-yr old toddler wondered off in Prospect park, found drowned in the lake.

Ruhshona Kurbonova [Photo Source: NY Daily News]

It is with sadness and sorrow that we report that one of our own had a very tragic ending today.  2 yr old toddler, Ruhshona Kurbonova and her 4 yr old brother (or cousin as reported in some sources) wondered off from their mother while the family was having a barbeque near the Prospect Park lake. 

As reported in NY Post:

"Dekzod Isokov, who identified himself as the children's uncle, said family members were making shish kabobs at a barbecue when the children wandered away. "They just left," Isokov said. "They walked off and we didn't know."  Isokov said the missing girl's parents immigrated to America from Uzbekistan. "

According to NYPD, the news that a child was missing spread very fast in the park and many families left their barbeques to assist in the search. When police arrived, they cleared off and taped off the area, while helicopter was clearing algae from the lake to improve visibility. NYPD divers found and pulled the body of the toddler in the lake around 6pm. The mother collapsed in grief when the child was found dead and had to be taken on stretchers by ambulance.

Source: NYPD, NY Post, NY Daily News
Photo Source: NY Daily News