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SP: Dual Language Academy

Dual Language Academy

Our programs were created to cater the needs of students in today's modern educational system. The importance of enrichment programs, gifted and talented preparatory programs, knowledge of more than one language, and extra-curricular activities are necessary now more than ever with our growing generations. At Dual Language Academy, we strive to help your child achieve excellence and help them develop to their full potential.

Dual Language Academy currently offers a Half- Day Pre-School Program and an After School Program for elementary school aged children.

The After School Program provides:

  • Pick up from school
  • A hot meal
  • Assistance with homework and school assignments
  • Enrichment work on the following topics : Math, English, and Science Social Studies
  • Snacks
  • Improvement in their social skills
  • Learning of a new language
  • Expansion of their creativity and thinking skills
  • Learning of useful lifelong studying skills

The Pre-­School Program provides:

  • Concepts geared for children ages 3-­4.
  • New topics on a weekly basis
  • Lessons include the following concepts: Letters, Numbers, Shapes, Colors, Reading, Spatial Relations, Writing, Sequencing, Puzzles, Abstract Logic, Comprehension.

Dual Language Academy has a warm and friendly environment. We keep constant communication with parents and consistently provide feedback about their child’s progress. The children at Dual Language Academy learn while having fun at the same time. For more information, please email us at or call us at (855) 255-4352 /(518) 595-9352. We look forward to hearing from you!