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SHOCKING VIDEO: In Brooklyn, Brighton Beach Road looked like a scene from Grand Theft Auto

You'll be glad you were not crossing the street at the moment this crash happened!

Russian tourist was videotaping Brighton Beach  and its streets when he was "lucky" enough to capture this shocking scene. If anyone was there at the moment and can fill us in regarding what happened exactly, please email us at info AT 

[UPDATE 1] Though we broke this story, Gothamist posted more info which we would like to share. Apparently, this incident occured on Sunday, September 7, 2014. The man in gray shirt, Ahmed Hassan, tried to rob the man in a white shirt which is why the white-shirt guy went after him. Hassan was arrested.

[UPDATE 2] According to Alexander H., a member of our secret RP group (by invitation only), Alexander's company was dispatched by the police to tow all the damaged cars. The Maxima (the car Hassan was driving) had fake license plates.