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Update on Sheepshead Bay Tow Truck Hit-and-Run: Sadly, Prime Suspect From Our Community

Credit: Simon Gifter

Brooklyn NY – A truck driver allegedly damaged at least 5 cars in Sheepshead Bay, then abandoned the tow truck on the scene and fled the scene on foot late Friday night (July 25).  This occured on Ocean Avenue and Avenue Y at around 10 pm. Three of the five cars had extensive damage and were pretty much totaled. Fortunately, no people were in any of the cars when the crashes occured. Police arrested the driver, Igor Lyakhovetsky with a charge of unauthorized use of a vehicle and leaving the scene.

The manager of the Dependable Tow Truck company (also a member of the Russian community) denied any involvement of his business with the hit-and-run, even though the Logo/Phone Number on the tow truck matched the Logo/Phone Number on the sign at the business' location.

See this video report from CBS 2:

Photo: Simon Gifter
Video: CBS 2 News,