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Safety by Baby Bodyguards

Baby Bodyguards is a full service baby safety company in NYC. Used and recommended by top Pediatricians and NYC Hospitals, Baby Bodyguards provides in-home safety consultations, baby proofing, and car seat installation.
The company is based in Brooklyn but services NYC, Long Island, Westchester and New Jersey.
Over the last 5 years Baby Bodyguards has baby proofed over a 2000 homes in the NYC area giving parents peace of mind and babies a safe environment to grow and explore.
Owned by a husband and wife team, Courtney and Fred, who were turned off by similar services that fear mongered customers into buying unnecessary products and services. They set out to create a non-judgmental service that protects children from serious injury and trips to the Emergency Room.
"Not every hazard needs a product and the whole house doesn't need to be padded in foam. Scrapes and bumps are part of childhood and growing up" said Fred. "Our goal is to protect children from serious accidental injury."
The company tries to aethetically match the decor of the home as much as possible using custom products when necessary so safe doesn't have to be ugly.
All employees are Certified Passenger Safety Technicians, which means they are trained and passed a test to be experts in car seat installation and usage.
More information and pricing can be found on their website,
Feel free to visit Baby Bodyguards Facebook Page.