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Psycho Cop's Abuse of Uber Driver in NYC on March 30 2015

Russian Parents have a lot of respect for the NYPD, but this psychopath on a power trip sure gives the cops a bad name. We think he should be fired on the spot. Witness police abuse of Uber driver in NYC, March 30, 2015 firsthand.

In an unmarked car, the policeman was allegedly attempting to park without using his blinker at a green light. (His reverse lights weren't on. Likely double parked without hazards on.) The Uber driver pulled around and gestured that he should use his blinker, casually and non-offensively, and kept driving the passengers. The policeman aggressively pulls up behind the car and this is what happens.

(This occurred just before 2pm on the West side of Manhattan, in police precinct 6, on March 30th, 2015. The officer did not identify himself, but he had a New York license plate: GSS 8891)

Filmed by Sanjay Seth