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Pediatric Neurologist

  • Dr. Yuri Brosgol - Brooklyn;
  • Dr. Lydia Eviatar
  • Dr abba Cargan - New Jersey. He doesn't jump the gun with treatments and gives you piece of mind. Very , very expensive and doesn't participate in any plans.
  • Dr. Jeffrey Greenfield from Cornell. He is a pediatric neurosurgeon. My son had surgery when he was 4 1/2 months old. He is an AMAZING doctor.
  • Dr. Giridharan in Downstate (Brooklyn)--she is awesome! There is a LOONG wait to see her, but she really spends her time with the patients and doesn't do a battery of tests or jumps the gun. And she is great with kids. I highly recommend her. Be prepared to wait, though
  • Dr. Orrin Devinsky- at NYU joint diseases. I believe NYU is one of the top hospitals in the field.
  • Dr. Devinsky and Dr. Vazquez at NYU - top in the field
  • Dr. Pavlakis at Maimonides. Known by many drs.
  • Dr. Pavlakis is awesome but has a very long wait. We took D to Dr. Schubert who is also excellent in methodist.
  • Dr Wells from NYU
  • Dr. Walter Molofsky at Beth Israel
  • Dr. Murry Engle at Cornell medical center
  • Dr Schwartzberg, he has offices in both Brooklyn and staten island. "Treated my daughter wonderfully."
  • Dr Romaine Schubert - "is the best" "I second Dr. Romaine".
  • Dr. Steven Wolf
  • - Dr. Rami Grossmann -- has office in New Hyde Park and Flushing Tel: 516.352.2500