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Pediatric Dermatologist

  • Dr. Schnidkind -
  • Dr. Seth Orlow - I must recommend the best pediatric dermatologist in the entire city, though located, in Manhattan. Dr Seth Orlow, is out of pocket and very pricey but the most amazing diagnostic physician I have encountered. He is a gift to the profession and every dermatologist and pediatrician and most other doctors, take their own kids to him. I have taken my son to see him and totally agree with them.
  • Dr. Zayala -  in Park Slope - 718-832-3313
  • Dr. Westfield
  • Dr. Irene Vergilis
  • Dr. Laufer - Brooklyn
  • Dr. Krystal - in Long Island/Queens border. very knowledgeable and very nice. - 2001 Marcus Ave Ste S-40; (516) 352-6151
  • Dr. Michael Poltiel - Queens
  • Dr. Julie Schaffer - NYU Dermatology Associates
  • Dr. Maria Grarzon - 212-305-5293
  • Dr. Nanette Silverberg - 718-377-8800
  • Dr. Freilich Abraham R - (718) 998-8291; 813 Quentin Road, Brooklyn, NY; Our pediatrician recommended him and this guy was DEAD ON ACCURATE. As well as great people skills
  • Dr. Shraga - in East Brunswick, NJ