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Pediatric Cardiologists recommended by Russian Parents

  • Dr. Romaswani is the best. I wish she were a regular ped, she's amazing, I would switch to her ASAP
  • Columbia Pediatric Hospital -- "On broadway and 164(?). We went through ER so pediatric cardiologist was assigned automatically. Then we followed with echo in the same place. The best cardiologists in a city for kids there."
  • Dr. Prema Romaswani - "Not sure of spelling, she is on bk...recommended by my ped..."
  • Dr. Putnam in Staten Island
  • Dr. Salvatore Presti, pediatric cardiologist. 718-923-1123 downtown Brooklyn office
  • Dr. Salvatore Presti - "he has an office on 110 59th and Park in Manhattan and near Brooklyn Heights in Brooklyn. He is excellent. My close friend did a residency with him and I know him well too..."
  • Dr. James C. Nielsen, Mount Sinai " ...excellent "