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Pediatric Allergists

List of pediatric allergists recommended by our members.
  • Dr. Michael Marcus at Maimonides
  • Dr. Barsky 718-787-9058
  • Dr Norman Klein - Asthma and Allergy Specialist at 1648 E 14th St Brooklyn
  • Dr. Paul Erlich is considered one of the best; he's based at NYU Med Center;  He has an office in the city and williamsburg. 718-384-6933
  • Dr Blanca Kaplan is a pediatric allergist with an office in Brooklyn. She's only there once a week though. Office is on Bay Pkwy and 86th St.
  • Dr. Viksman (New Jersey)
  • Dr. Alla Gonchar used to be a dermatologist in Russia. She is very good with different kinds of skin problems. She is located in Brooklyn.
  • Dr. David Resnick. (212) 305-2300
  • Dr. Samuel Gruman. He is in Manhattan
  • Dr. Freilich Abraham R - 813 Quentin Road, Brooklyn, NY 11223-2251 (718) 998-8291
  • Dr Julie Schaffer (at NYU ) she takes insurance and is like a walking encyclopedia of skin disorders.
  • Dr. Victor Krupitsky, 2467 Ocean Avenue, 891-2525
  • Dr. Gadi Avshalomov (718) 444-8014
  • Dr. Anthony Aurigemma -
    He practices homeopathic medicine. The way homeopathy works is that remedies are picked for each individual patient. What works for one person, will probably not work for another. That's why the combination remedies you see at the store work for some, but not others.
    Allergies are a chronic disease, so it likely take at least a couple of visits/remedies to cure. But unlike anti histamines, which just get rid of the symptoms, homeopathy tries to heal the body. Homeopathy views the symptoms as the body's expression of something wrong inside the body. So rather than curing a particular disease, homeopathy helps the body cure itself, rather than just masking or suppressing the symptoms.