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Part-time Nanny

This list is a compilation of Russian parents' recommendations of part-time nannies.


  • Natasha - 347-322-6607; Available Monday through Thursday.
  • Ira (718) 614-7344 - my mom is still looking for a part time babysitting job.. as mentioned previously, she is great with kids, raised 3 grandkids, worked in a daycare, cooks like no ones business and is just awesome. -- Recommended by Rita Mitrofanov
  • Luda (347) 342-6699 -- Recommended by Mimi Mocha
  • Summer Nanny: terrific nanny available for summer months (June-August). May be a perfect arrangement for parents with older kids who need extra help during the summer when school is out. Part time (3 days a week) or full week arrangements are possible. She has been with us since my daughter was born (now 2.5) and is fantastic, loving and caring. Also a great cook and experienced driver (if kids need to be picked up/driven to/ from activities). As I am a full-time student, I cannot retain her for the summer and am looking to help her find a good job for the time that I am off. (Please email if interested
  • I have a nanny that's available for 3 days/week. She's looking to work in Bensonhurst, Sheephsead Bay or Brighton Beach area. I have her twice a week and I strongly recommend her to anyone. She does a great job with my baby and I trust her 100%. (Please contact Alina Rivkin)
  • Alla - 718-902-1820; She is available mornings until about 2 pm. She's a great person and a very good educator. Manhattan and maybe Brooklyn.
  • Lena - 347-216-4978; Part-time job in Brooklyn, in and around Sheepshead Bay. She is available to work Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays. She has 6 years experience as a nanny in this country. Very knowledgeable about children development. She is very kind, caring, patient with kids and their parents. A great cook!!! Energetic, clever, big help around house. She worked for my friends sister for 2 years. She is 44 years old, from Ukraine.
  • Lida - 347-598-7674; I am looking to share my nanny 2 full days a week. She is looking for something on Monday and Friday for the whole day. But I am somewhat flexible with the days. I am willing to split days as well, if someone lives near Stuyvesant Town, but I need her in the afternoons at least 3 days/week. She has worked for me for almost 4 years. She started when my oldest was 1.5 years old, and was with my youngest from birth. She is amazing with all ages. She takes the kids out in all weather, finds her way around to all the local activities (library, kids yoga, classes), will do all kinds of crafts with them (which she thinks of by herself), sings to them, reads to them, gets down on the floor and plays with them, doesn't just sit on the playground, but gets down and draws with chalk, and does all kinds of pretend play. She never talks down to my kids, and always finds a way to convince them without using threats. She respects them and treats them accordingly. She is easy to talk to if you want her to do something differently and is just a pleasant person to have around.
  • Umida - 17-921-2377; or terrific nanny/babysitter Umida is seeking additional daytime hours. She picks up our 2-yo daughter from daycare in the evenings (5pm) and is available weekdays M-F until that time. mida's cheerfulness immediately won over Kira, and they've established a strong rapport with each other. She loves spending time with Kira playing games, coloring, reading books and dancing. Umida is also a great cook, helping us prepare meals for daycare. Umida's experience includes caring for kids of various ages, including newborns, as she herself is also a mom to a 4-yo son (currently cared for by grandma)If you're seeking FT nanny with early departure, this would be a terrific fit for you.
  • Larisa - (347) 265 8918;
  • Zhanna - 347 247 3999; free of Fridays; she is responsible, kind, active, and very clean. (recommended by Nadia Titarchuk)
  • Alla - 347-336-2900
  • Alla - 773-818-7754 
  • Sveta (347) 893-9800
  • Rita - 347-275-9612; She is experienced, used to be a teacher of the Russian language, and seems to be a good person. I believe she prefers a part time schedule in Brooklyn but you can ask her about other schedules and locations.
  • Larisa - 917-362-2971; available starting December 22nd. She is looking for morning hours, approximately 8 to 1 but it's negotiable. Has experience with new borns and toddlers.
  • Anya - (347) 337-4695 (recommended by Natalia Shapiro)
  • Nina - 917-770-5258  in SI (recommended by Irine Korenblit)
  • Sveta - 347-260-5296 (recommended by Irine Korenblit)
  • Natasha - (347)312 -7723 (recommended by Rita Mikhlin)
  • Eka - 347-444-2781; Our current nanny is looking for some additional hours, either a few hours on Sat & Sun, either full day or even weeknights after 7 pm(in Brooklyn). She is great with out 14 month old very active twin boys. With that said, she can probably handle anyone. Only downside is that she doesn't speak English. (recommended by Galina Grabov)
  • Tatyana Repina - 917-500-6758; My children absolutely adore her. She is very caring, honest, reliable, intelligent, has a great sense of humor. She is also very easy to get along with.
  •  Mila - 347-517-3659; available part-time on weekends and some weekdays. She's been with us for over two years since my son was 2 months old. She is warm, reliable, punctual, and was unbelievable to my son.
  •  Natasha - 347-874-8403; She can only do friday night to sunday night. She will travel as well. (recommended by Anya Angelika)


Russian woman is looking for a babysitter job. Raised two kids, worked at daycare, very good with kids. I have recommendations.

Teacher needed for a small Day Care in Midwood Brooklyn.

Must have education and speak Russian.

To apply please contact us at 718-677-9343


Olya: 631-612-4756. She has lots of experience working with kids. She worked in summer camps, in family with two kids, helped on children's parties. She loves kids, and kids love her! She can do Friday, Satursay, Sunday and all weekdays till 3pm.

By Natasha/917 945 8473/.Excellent babysitter,available part time every day. She is responsible, kind, active and very clean,punctual and reliable. Her name is Evgenia/646 875 4503 0r 347 884 0745/

semion milshtein

Excellent babysitter available for 3-4 days per week in Brooklyn. Great references, tons of experience with infants and toddlers, extensive background in education and childcare. Pleasant, honest, trustworthy, speaks English, US Citizen. Name Bronya 917-628-3536

(718) 877-9439 Sasha
Look after your child in the evening (from 6 pm) and night-parent its your opportunity to go out. Woman, 27 years old. Responsible, punctual, communicative, quick learners. Experience working with children - the main work- teacher in children day care. Knowledge of English and Russian languages. Phone (718) 877-9439 Sasha

Nanny/babysitter available in Brooklyn staring in April or May, preferably sheepshead bay, kings hwy midwood, Brighton or Manhattan beach areas, (speaks Russian/English) She has tons of experience with infants/ toddlers. She has been working for a family for almost 4yr now but they are moving to another city. Excellent references if needed, (used to be a teacher in day care in Russia as well as here in US in day cares for many years, She's been in America for over 24 years. And she's my mother in law I can vouch for her. She used to watch my child as well..She is highly educated, intelligent and very honest, Loving. punctual and very reliable person.. She needs at least 4 days a week.,live out position.. Her name is Bronya Email

A wonderful babysitter is available in Bensonhurst area. She is a warm, caring woman who is sure to take incredible care of your little one. She has tons of experience working with small children in Russia and here (was a teacher in a premiere daycare in BK). Her name is Natalya Borovikova and you can PM her on Facebook.