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Owners of Gnomiki Day Care and ABC Little Star Day Care in Brooklyn arrested in a citywide sweep

Nine daycare centers were shut down in a city-wide sweep on fraudelent or illegal daycare centers. Four people were arrested in the probe – Owen Larman, Elena Kaplan, Gina Schiavo, and Viktoriya Federovich. 

Two of the owners had daycare centers catering to the Russian community. At the ABC Little Star center at 2345 85th Street in Brooklyn, a staffer with a fake name and fingerprint file (necessary paperwork for a criminal background-check) fled out the door when investigators arrived.  Owner Elena Kaplan was arraigned. ABC Little Star, will be allowed to operate until year’s end as the owner divests her interest from the facility.

Victoriya Fedorovich, owner of Gnomiki Day Care, Inc. operated two sites at 2221 Ocean Avenue and 2623 Ocean Avenue in Brooklyn, NY and was also arraigned. The 2221 Ocean Ave location was closed due to the site’s violation history. The 2623 Ocean Ave location was inspected this Thursday and a recommendation was made to close it.

Full list of locations closed or with recommendations to close is on NY 1 website.

According to the report on NY Daily News:

The DOI found the operators would sometimes claim they had more supervisors on duty monitoring the children than they actually did. In some cases, the operators covered up health, building and fire code violations, officials said.

Gnomiki Day Care #1  Gnomiki Day Care #2  ABC Little Star Day Care

[Information on this page was compiled from these news sources: NY Daily News, Associated Press, CBS, ABC]