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Nanny Blacklist

This list is a compilation of bad nannies as described by Russian parents on our Facebook forum.
Bad Nannies




  • Mukadam Rusulova -This woman was my very first nanny with my very long awaited first baby. Somehow she found her way into my heart. Be it post partum, be it my father got very sick soon after. I just want to give you some background and why I held off reporting her.
    My baby was only 3 months old the first time I caught her drinking during the day. I had a 6am appointment with my father in the city with his md. I had her meet me at my parents house after her day off that morning. We came back much earlier than she expected. She carries herself well even though she drank more than half of my fathers most expensive cognac. She denied when I confronted her. But when I told her I had undercover cameras at my parents house as well she admitted it. She begged and explained that her night off was a wild party and she didn't sleep well and ultimately needed to "pahhmilitsa". She's also Muslim so it through me that she even drinks. But never the less I believed her that this was an isolated incident and it would never happen again. I know she was with me for a short time but we became very close. I believed her. Over the months nothing like that happened again, except a weird call from the woman from the agency that placed here, inquiring if all was ok and vaguely mentioned she heard some weird things from the other woman that are living in her office but didn't say what.
    Over the next few months, I had episodes of the vodka in my freezer suddenly spill out, leak... In retrospect I feel like an idiot. But I still kept her. I smelled her breath everyday. (Embarrassing). By the time August came around, she had a really bad situation with an infected tooth, i unto ally paid $1400 as emergency visit to handle this. He neck looked like it was going to explode. I had to help. We agreed she would pay me back within a few weeks of working.
    That following weekend we left for 4 days to the poconos and she stayed at my house. she was to clean and organize in that time. But she didn't. She drank all the liquor in the house and was piss drunk when we came home. The house was a mess. Garbage everywhere. That night I told her she's out of here in the morning. My agreement with her was, that I would not report her under 1 condition. That she not work with littles kids. And if I found out she did I would report her. Our parting was very emotional. Aside from her having a drinking problem and stealing my iPad on her way out, she somehow found her way into my heart. I have kept in touch with her since she left, hoping she would some day return the money she owed me. That never happened. My understanding was she was taking cleaning jobs and cooking in some Russian store. However recently I saw her post a pic of her new family and I just can't sit back and let this happen. Maybe I got lucky that my child was fine. But she should not be allowed with kids of any age. Her name is Mukadam Rusulova, she goes by Maya. 





  • Bekaim Boshkoeva (Beka) - RP Member states: "Hi- we had a nanny for work for us for almost 2 months yesterday someone offered her a job for more money so she calls us to say that she thinks we should look for a new nanny! I work full time and at the moment can't take off. She didnt even give us at least a week to find someone new. On top of that she was constantly on her cell phone!!!! From 6 am to 11! Even if I enjoyed speaking on the phone so much my tongue would hurt by then!! When we hire someone to take care of our kids other than the obvious qualities of nurturing, trustworthy and so forth we also want someone reliable!! Not here today gone tomorrow."
  • Natalya Solianik  - from Ukraine. RP Member, Ellen D. states: "Dear parents please be aware, especially those who's presently looking for a reliable nanny. Stay away from Natalya Solianik from Ukraine, claims to be 57 years old which states on her fake ID, however, she does have a passport and her real age is 65. She's here for six years and claims that she has a lot of experience even with twins which is partially true since I spoke to the mother of the twins and she wasn't happy and hired someone else. This was the first time I had to fire a nanny and feel so much of relieve. She's been with us for two weeks and everyday was getting worse than previous. She didn't want to follow parents instructions and was very proud of it, moreover, she admitted that never did before. She told me a lot of personal things about previous families which I'm not suppose to know about, of course all negative. The most important, she has no patience to be with children, stubborn and when parents not around was rude with a child. No desire to play, read and potty train. Lied that while going outside they were on the swings and slides when I personally observed her chatting with other nannies while he was running around falling and banging on the garbage cans. The bottom line was when after 2.5 hours of solving the crossword my son walk up after his nap and and brought her a book to read, she started to yell at him that she's not going to read. He should sit on the sofa and read by himself, keep in mind that he is 18 months. She screamed that he is annoying, she's not going to hold him and stop crying. I saw it on the camera while seating outside in the car. I never posted negative reviews, because I believe that babysitting job is hard, but this nanny definitely deserves to be posted on RP.


  • Axenia Brinzilla (Oxana) 49 years old, from Kishenev, Moldava. RP Member states:  "Liar, steals and left our house saying that she is coming back to work on Monday at the same time as always, by putting her stuff in the garbage can the night before so we don't see that she is leaving for good. At this point we don't know what she took from us but may be will find out with time."



  • Irina Groushevaya ( as posted by a member of our group on 2/5/13: "...Worked for me, lasted only 2 days. The b**ch locked me out for 30 minutes. When I got inside I found both kids knocked out sleeping at 6pm and my 8 month old wrapped in a blanket head to toe (could've suffocated). I woke them up and started questioning the nanny as too why the baby was wrapped like that and she couldn't answer then I saw that my little draw in the living room was broken and questioned that too. She kept telling me that its not broken when clearly it was standing on 2 of 4 legs. That's when my older of the two kids who was only 18 months starts pointing to the drawer and says "mama boom baby, baby boom" insisting it fell on the baby. When I came closer to the nanny she smelled of alcohol so I asked of she drank and she admitted that she did. I called the cops and they escorted her out. There was a bruise on my 8month old but cops said it wasn't enough to arrest her because my cameras were mysteriously disconnected! This happened 9/11/12. Can we add her to the black list? If I see this bitch I swear I will kill her. She is just lucky I was alone with kids and couldn't do it then!"
  • As posted by another parent about Irina Groushevaya in our group on 1/18/2013: "She was supposed to take my 4 yo twins to a swimming lesson today at 5:30pm and get home at 6:30-7pm. My husband and I were at work. Instead at 6pm my mom accidentally bumped into her walking alone in a neighborhood CVS looking totally spaced out (like she was under some influence) . When my mom asked her where the kids are , she said she left them in a playground and went buying candy. CVS is one block away from the playground. My mom found my twins alone at the dark playground half dressed(without hats, gloves, etc). They obviously didn't get to the pool, because sounds like the nanny was too drunk or too high to manage. We filed a police report against her tonight. In addition to a part time nanny work, she also teaches private swimming lessons in Queens and Manhattan. Stay away from her."
  • See Irina Groushevaya's mugshot here: (if you cannot access this page, you are not a member of the group. See information on top of this page to find out how to become a member of RP).
  • Natasha (49 yrs old, from Smolensk, born /raised in Chernigov, Ukraine) - This was posted by a member of our Russian Parents group on 2/5/13:  "I want to send out a warning about a nanny with hopes she never gets a chance to do this again. Her name is Natasha, 49 years old, she's from Smolensk (born and raised in Chernigov Ukraine) and stays in Staten Island with her cousin Lena who's a speech therapist. She lived with us and took care of our 6 month old baby for almost 4 months. Yesterday, she left the baby in her crib together with a note, our house key and left. Not even a call to let me know the baby is alone. Luckily, I work from home and my husband was still home too when we heard the baby cry and not calming down. When my husband went upstairs, he found the baby hysterically crying with a note in her crib. There was no warning and I don't think she planned this because she left all her clothes in her bedroom. Whatever was going through her head, I Thank god she didn't hurt the baby!!! I have two older kids and their nannies have lived with me for years until they went to school, I've never experienced anything like this..."
  • Tamara Kolesnokova, 43 - As posted by a member of our group on 2/5/13: "...She despaired without any notes, first saying she is sick, later promised to come and never showed up."
  • Mamura Nasirova (Uzbekistan) - Horrible case of child abuse caught on camera and evidenced in the video below (from a camera installed by the parents). She beat a 5 month old child for not eating food. She was fired the same day by parents, though there was an outrage in our Russian Parents group as everyone felt the parents should have called the police.  See the video here:
    UPDATE: Mamura Nasirova arrested on Feb 4, 2013 for alleged child abuse.
  • Svetlana - from Urmala, Riga. She is 64 yo, tall and blonde. Lives with her daughter in Brooklyn. She is a liar and very unreliable. She lied about small things, including ingedients in cooking, etc. I told her from the very beginning, that it is ok if she makes a mistake, but to be upfront about it. Instead she lied about the things she did, and then argued that she did them correctly, even though it was an obvious lie. Also we agreed that she will give me a 2 weeks notice before leaving, and she abruptly left same day when she got paid for the week without a valid explanation.
  • Galya - Tatarka. Her name in the passport is Gulsirin Galimgareyevna, DOB: Sept 04, 1956. She is medium height and medium to thin build. She lives in Brooklyn with her daughter Albina. The woman is a pathological liar who comes off as trustworthy woman with high principals, but in reality it is all an act. She used to keep my son confined in the bassinet, crying hysterically, so she can get some housework done and leave earlier. She took him shopping with her when she was supposed to be taking him to a park. When she did go to the park with him, she used to keep him in the stroller so she can seat on the bench and relax. She is very sly and is a very good actress.
  • Inna - 42 yrs old from Russia, veterinarian pharmacist, married with one son. Tall, shoulder length dark hair, slim, attractive. Not reliable, delusional, psychopath, threatens to put a curse on the kids...scary!!!
  • Aleksandra Boyko ( Olesya, Lesya) 51 y old, tall, short blond hair, very big, heavy-set woman. phone 347-989-7790. Rumored to prick child with needles and forced to feed poop from diapers. Babysat twins in Manhattan Beach, and a boy named Sean on Cropsey. A few people on RP confirmed they heard same rumors.
  • Sveta - (From Bay Street area, Staten Island)Tall and blonde with teenage son and daughter of her own. We have cameras and immediately, she would scream at my child at the top of her lungs to try to scare him into eating, she would shove him down into his stroller when he would go to sleep and would completely ignore him all day long while she sat on her ass and watchd tv all day. Then she called in sick and didnt call back for days.
  • Inga - (From Latvia, about 40 yrs old. Worked in Manhattan); On the morning of her day off, she packed her bags and left stating that she found a job for more money. Really left us stranded and she could care less. Also, lazy, fake, deceitful, not clean. We should have fired her a long time ago but our kids were used to her.
  • Luba - (Around 60 years old, teacher of Russian and Literature from 5th to 11th grade.); Very unreliable.
  • Margarita Dadasheva - (Sixties, Brooklyn, from Dagestan, but can say she is from Moscow); Left the baby in the crib all day, only taking her out to feed or to change, while she herself stayed in the other room. Very gloomy and unhappy person, constantly complaining about her commute, us, money. Started bargaining for higher salary and more paid vacation days just weeks after she started working with us and we agreed to certain terms at the interview. We actually agreed to all her demands, but she turned out to be bad with the baby, never playing or paying attention to the baby other than feeding or changing diaper. She is being recommended by a member of this group, called Sonya Danilov, who I believe is her daughter or a relative.
  • Nataliya Kostygova - (is from Moscow and lives in Brooklyn. She may also go by her maiden name Muravieva); was expected to start her new job last week. She called the Friday before saying that she's a little sick and may not be well enough to start the following Monday. ...and was never heard from again.
  • Natasha Kvasnitskaya - (55 years old from Habaravsk); Worked for us for 6 months and our baby got very used to her and seemed to really like her, We had a very good relationship with her and even helped her out with some personal stuff and gave her a computer so she could skype with her family back in Russia. One day she told us that she was leaving us because she was getting married and did not need to work anymore. She gave us a few days notice and never called again. We asked to stay a little longer so we could find a replacement but she refused. A few weeks later we found out she went to work for another family for an extra $25 a week.
  • Nelya - (50 yrs old from Tashkent); Unreliable, came late all the time, was not capable of taking care of a 9 month old baby, left baby unattended on a few occassions.
  • Seda S. - New Jersey; Left children unattended in parking lot, lied to parents, stole.
  • Sveta from Agenstvo Nyanya - (Agency Nanny);
  • Svetlana (Rumera) Muradyan - (From Armenia, late 50's?); Seemed ok until we got cameras and checked phone records (and our son started crying when she came). Left a baby on the potty for hrs while she was on the phone (before he could walk); lied about going to the park; when at the park, sat on the bench w/ other sitters - they gave kids long sticks and showed them how to go back and forth along the fence, banging the stick on the fence, so that the kids are nearby and "busy". Was swearing and calling us names when we fired her (the only thing we said and kept repeating was "Thank you for what you've done. Your services are no longer required." - no other details, since we didn't want an argument. But she put up a huge one anyway).
  • Tatyana Evseeva or Rodriguez - (From Nizhniy Novgorod now Queens)She worked for us for part-time 6 months and was great in every respect. We gave her 2 paid weeks off for a vacation in August 2010 and she never came back. She never called or returned our emails or calls. Our neighbors saw her with another kid a few months later, so she must have found a better arrangement. But the aggravation we went through, worrying about her, replacement and our son, who went through a rough time getting used to a new nanny.
  • Tatyana Sidovska - (from Latvia, borne in Litva); deceitful, left with no explanation, expected to be at work, did not call or show up.
  • Tetyana Kozlova - (45 years old, originally from Ukraine, but lived in Poland for many years); We hired a nanny who looked very capable and worked for us for three weeks. I loaned her some money (more than a few hundred dollars) which she was supposed to pay back by working the loan off, but she disappeared in a few days afterwards.
  • Vera Radaeva - (Tashkent); lazy, negligent, dirty, deceitful, incapable.
  • Yelena Pilipenko also known as Elena Pilipenko - (from Moscow); was putting medicine in my daughters formula so she would sleep. Recommend by Igor nanny agency. See her photo here:
  • Tanya - (from Belarus; 48-50 y.o.) Her phone number is all over the russian adds - she seems to never stick to one family - came to us for 2 wks, called out sick on sunday and never showed up again - kept saying she has a kidney infection until wed! when we found her wokring for another family - we had payed her $90 ahead of time and she thought she can get away with it! We made sure to find her to get the money back - 2wks later as I was searching for a nanny again she was in the newspapers. She probably steals and moves on...Her phone # 516-7104646. Dont hire her!
  • Valya - from Krasnodar, in her 60's wears a wig . Hit my child, too many negatives to list. DO NOT HIRE HER.
  • Zuhra (Zoya) from Kazahstan but she's Uzbechka - left my family stranded after just 1 week saying she got a job with more money. Was always late.
  • Anya - (from St. Petersburg). she was very spacey and I watched her cross the street with my son when she did not know i was watching and she ended up crossing the street on the re...d light on high speed moving traffic. I fired her after this. she also is clueless with babies, feeds them milk from the bttl in the crib as baby is standing and holding on to the rail.
  • Luba (from Russia) - hired from a nanny agency; stole bags, jackets, money; had a really horrible experience. Do not hire.
  • OLGA (from Russia), 52 yrs old - worked as a math teacher in Russia. Seemed like a very nice lady, but after a few months stated she won't clean and cook for baby anymore. After we gave her what she wanted, without a warning, she didn't show up for work claiming she fell "in the hurricane" and is leaving back to Russia. We just learned she is back in the agency looking for a live-out job.
  • NORA NEGADAYEVA -  Nanny has been found yelling at the kids and at her employer. She was immediately fired.
  • Anya - She is from Armenia... I don't know if she's around anymore. This was a few years back. She had Dark Hair, tall. If she is, beware. She is a very good liar. She basically didn't give my 11 month old any attention. We noticed a problem when the child would learn something new on the weekend, but during the week regress and forget what he learned. We ended up installing cameras and saw that she wouldn't devote a moment of attention to the child all day. Putting him from bed to swing and back to bed all day long. Then spread out toys all over floor as if she was working/playing with the child. Chances are she has already left, but if not post her location info as I would like to hurt her.
  • Zhenya R. - last name starts with R (i think), from zapadnaya ukraina, around 45 years old, short hair, lives on brighton, speaks with ukranian accent. So this happened 2 years ago, my son was 1, but this evil nanny that we had is still walking around brooklyn, so, I decided to post it (previously posted on odnoklassniki). We had her arrested for theft (she stole my jewelry, which we got back, luckily), but also, turned out, she drank havily at night at her house, we found out from her nieghbors, she took my son to her house and slept while he was crying in his stroller and we thought she was out walking with him. she also brought another child there we found out. We suspect she was giving him sedatives, beause couple of times he could not wake up for hours, meanwhile he was always taking short naps. I found someone who she worked for on odnoklassniki, and that was on staten island, live in, and she said she was pretty sure she was giving her daughter alcohol as well as the nanny blabbed it to another nanny on the playground. This lady is an actress, you will think she is so sweet. Please ask for documents so u know this is her. She doesn't want anyone to know where she lives. Please be careful.
  • Zhenya Romanovski - The description above is pretty accurate. The only thing I could add is that I didn't find her Ukrainian accent to be particulary noticable. She had been with us for almost a year when one of our friends alerted us to the story immediately above. My wife contacted the family whom she had worked for prior to us to ask if they knew anything about it. They defended her and said that they knew about the above incident but swore up and down that they trusted her. When she came in the next day she already knew that we had spoken to the other family. My wife asked her what had happened. She told a story that challenged the imagination, to put it mildly. She accused the people who had written the complaint here of everything in the book. We had decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and keep her. We maded two requests a photocopy of her passport and her address. That day she swore that she would bring us everything and that we can even come visit her at home. A week passed and still we had neither address nor passport. On the last day of her work week my wife again asked her about these documents. She refused to give them to us and started to curse the people who wrote the above, saying that she's innocent and didn't do anything. My wife and I discussed it and decided to let her go. I felt that I could give her the benefit of the doubt if she provided the documents we requested, but when she started to behave like a guilty person there was no doubt remaining. It was a very easy decision since she was a mediocre nanny at best. She left the house in a huge mess despite our agreement that she would also do some light cleaning as part of her duties. She did everything half-assed. She had issues with the fact that we had cameras. She has a very shiffty personality. She LOVES drama even cried because I asked her not use our daughter's room because our cat would go in there. We tried giving her additional work cleaning once but the house was dirtier after she "cleaned" it. Although we have no proof that she did anything seriously wrong we are missing a passport, a social security card and a pair of earings. All these things were out during the time she was with us. We are not the kind of people who lose things, so I can't imagine what happened to these things, but I can't be certain that she took them. You be the judge if you come accross her, but if she were the last nanny in the world I would steal a family of apes from the zoo and let them raise my kid.
  • Lena - Staten Island, lives near hylan/old town road. Large built very masculine with very short hair like a guy. Neighbor saw her in the park with my daughter sleeping on the park bench with the stroller next to her. After neighbor told us my husband caught her and she didn't apologize just was rude to him. Fired her on the spot.
  • Tamara 55-56 years old from Riga, blonde, heavy set. Disorganized, lazy, sloppy, cold and fake. Chooses not to follow instructions. Did not talk or play with my baby. Was on the phone consistently. Hated the fact that there are cameras in the house. Not nanny material!!
  • Valya - originally from Estonia, now lives in Brooklyn, 56-57 yrs old, lives here with the husband. She has a short hair cut, and a bit over weight. Please do not hire her, very disoganized, never listens to the instructions and does everything her way.
  • Lilya - 52 from Ufa, recomended by Igor agency. Seemed very nice, friendly, and easy to get along with, sensed no weirdness. Has a daughter in Texas and suposedly worked for a family in Colorado, gave me their # for references, I wasnt able to get in touch w them, left a msg, no call back, so could be that the # is fake. We hired her and on the day we drove from NJ to pick her up, called her to let her know that we are outside waiting in the car, a man (her nephew or cousin) picked up the phone and told us that she is not there, and probably took another job. She, didnt even have the decency to call and tell us this herself! What I got from Igor later is that she wasnt too crazy about the idea of cleaning a house and moving to NJ. A fake flake.
  • Malika  - 51 yo from Tashkent. Short black hair, bottom row of teeth all gold. Has 4 kids total; her  21yo old daugher lives in Brooklyn (81st and 20th). Claims to have been a pediatric nurse in Tashkent. She just came to America, I believe I was her first employer. Hired her on Wed. On Sat AM, we are awaken by a knock on the door. The lady comes in escorted by a cop. She was walking the baby on the boardwalk and he fell asleep so she decided to sit on a bench and read. She was using a blanket to cover herself (it was windy that day) and the blanket blew off onto the beach. This chick LEAVES MY BABY IN THE STROLLER and goes to the beach to get the blanket. Mind you this is not Brighton Beach and the entrances to the sand are not close to where she was sitting. Luckily 2 lady biclyclists were passing by at the time and saw the baby stroller unattended. They stopped, took the stroller and called the cops. All of a sudden this freakin nanny emerges from the beach and these bicyclists wont let her take the baby (THANK GOD). The cop comes and she brings him to our house. Thank god for Amerikansi is all I have to say. Additionally, she is extremely slow and lazy. I told her to clean something around the house (which is not big btw so its not like a huge deal) and I come home an hour later and she is watching TV on the couch. Also, her daughter controls everything and she does not want to give her original passport which I require. Be aware. Came through Larisa Agency.
  • Regina--can't remember where she was from, lived aboard for some time.  Blond, a bit overweight. Generally lazy and sloppy. But final straw was when she left me a voice mail at work telling me that since she can't get my younger child to wake up from nap, she will not be able to get my older child (6 or 7) from the bus. Luckily she ended up bribing younger kid w lollypop and did get older child but it was too close for comfort for us. We fired her the next morning. She seemed very unfazed--obvious that she has been fired before. I think she came from Tamara Agency.
  • Sayera Roostamova from Uzbekistan. She was my kid's nanny for almost a year until I came home and without any warning all of her things were packed and she said she was leaving. The whole time she was with us we never criticized her and put up with all the imperfections because our son was very happy with her. A few days ago I finally asked her to cut down on the amount of time she spent talking on the phone because my child was being left unattended for 10-15 minutes stretches because she would sit on the couch talking on her cell phone. It got to the point where the changing table almost toppled over on him because she left him alone in his room to talk on the phone in her room and he started climbing up on the table. After being nothing but gracious to this woman and meeting her every demand for the sake of our son, this is how she shows her gratitude. Please be aware!!!
  • Anara - very nice and pleasant good with kids but comes with alot of baggage. the baggage is a boyfriend who comes to your house when you're not home.
  • Lida (From Russia), 62 yrs old. Recommended by Sveta Agency. Seemed like a sweet caring babushka type. She is sick and bipolar, and decided to take my son off formula and give him other foods he never even tried. She spoke to walls and furniture. When we asked her to leave, she tried to steal while packing, and went from cursing us to begging us to keep her, then literally banging her head against the wall. Stay away!!!
  • Lida - 65 yrs old. Didn't have her as a nanny, just know of her. She can't keep a job for more than 2 weeks. She steals anywhere she goes. Even in those living facilities on Brighton. Her most recent story that I heard is that she has no job because the child she babysat for a week "died"! Are u kidding me? She will praise herself on being better than anyone, and has no respect for anyone. All she knows how to do is lie, and steal. Thanks to my nanny I know all of this and told the good nanny agencies about this too. She had the guts to threaten my nanny who I have had for about 7 months now. She is a horrible horrible person. I can't even give you her last name and phone number. She either calls from a blocked number or steals cell phones from others in the living facilities. Omg horrible.
  • Galya, from Moldavia. Average build, very short hair with a gold tooth. comes from "agency", guy's name is Misha. She flew in on Sunday and we told her that we didn't need her to start till Thursday because that's when our current nanny was leaving... she started giving us this sob story about not wanting to live in "opshe zhitiye"... so my parents took her to live with them. she also said the airline lost her luggage so they gave her a ton of clothes, shoes and other things... Every day that week she came to my house so our nanny could show her the ropes... seemed so nice and ready for everything.. Today, she was supposed to start, she tells me that she isn't going to stay because she's not happy with what we offer: her (separate) bedroom is too close to my daughter's, she wants to have her own bathroom... she doesn't want wake up early for the baby... she doesn't want to walk outside with her- claiming "i'm not a homeless dog to be walking around outside"... she doesn't want to wash the baby..... list goes on and on...  I immediately threw her out, on her way out she stole $20 from my current nanny!!
  • Laura ( Лаура ) Sarhakyan ( Armenian late 60s early 70s ) left the baby on the couch for over 10 minutes alone and she fell off. After I reminded her that I had asked numerous times to not leave her alone she replied with "nu sudite menya". Then she dropped her out of her arms. She left the baby outside ( not backyard, outside in front of the house ) in her stroller for hours sleeping and came in to watch TV. After we asked her stop she lied and said that she wasnt doing that anymore, but continued to. After a second confrontation she started leaving her in the garage. That's all she did was watch TV all day. She even called me at work to complain when the TV did not work. The cell phone I gave her, "is not what she wanted and did not have enough minutes" for her. Complained all the time. Will probably give old refferences.
  • Laura Sahakyan - please email me for another reference, if needed (
  • Altina Tokbaeva  41 ( Kazakhstan) besides the usual of doing nothing and always being on the phone/computer... She had a guy from an internet dating site come to meet her while she was with my baby. She was more intrested in finding a husband then doing her job. She complained that my internet wasnt working and she couldnt talk on her dating website. 
  • Natasha, lives on Ocean Pkwy and Brighton, early 50s, long red hair, wears it up. Has a husband in Canada. Interviewed her, she was very outgoing and pleasant. Hired her on the spot. I told her to get her things ready and we'll pick her up in 2 hours. On our way to to pick her up, I call her and also tell her to make sure she takes her passport as i'd like to have it for my records (im trusting this person with my house, and most of all my child!) Right away she started to sound weird. Not even a minute later she calls me back and cancels, stating that "Sorry, Ya vas podvedu probably, but moya situatsia izmenilas".
  • Lolita- (armenia, I think)Liar, agrees with you on everything like all of them but a pathological liar and lazy.
  • Luba Ivleeva, Phone # (347)-337-3410 -- from Vladivostok. Refused to follow simple instructions, would talk back/insist she knew better. Left child in bed for 2 hours crying while she sat on her cell phone.
  • Luba Ivleeva - blacklisted by another member (347)-337-3410- She had started working for me at the end of October, 4 weeks prior to my return to work.  I have specifically hired her well in advance to provide training and observe.  I went back to work, and on Monday of the second week of my working, my husband came home earlier, and overheard her on a phone, telling someone that she is working too hard because there are two kids and a large house and she is looking for an easier gig.  When we have confronted her, she told us that she was looking to get married, and when she did not like a potential suitor over the phone, she has used this as an excuse not to meet him in person.  She has assured me of her loyalty and told me very clearly not to worry.  That same week, as she was leaving on her day off, she told me “Don’t worry, if anything happens, I am going to help you find a good nanny” and when I asked her what she meant by that and whether she has lied to me on Monday, she said “Oh no, I did not, but you understand, my circumstances might change”  I have told her to let me know by 9 PM on Sat whether she would be returning.  She called back on Sunday saying that she could stay with us until April, but at that point, I had serious doubts, and decided to take a look at cameras, which I have not been able to check at work due to company’s restrictions.  Here is what I saw:
  • She left the baby in the carriage between our and neighbor’s house for an hour, while she went inside to talk on a phone.
  • She left baby unsecured on top of the changing table that is attached to the Pack and Play.
  • My older child was sitting in front of the TV during all his free time although I was very specific about TV limits.
  • She would put gym mat on a couch and leave the baby on it, and go away to talk on a phone, despite my warnings that baby could turn and the gym could slip off the couch .

Now, many might think why I have not noted these issues during my 4 weeks at home.  During that time, she was on her best behavior-never on a phone, always working hard, cleaning, cooking, I really thought I got so lucky with the best nanny in the world, and we have treated her very well, telling her not to worry about housework not getting done, making sure she was comfortable, had the foods she liked, etc.  She has fooled me so well that I was not really concerned about not being able to watch cameras at work and did not think to look at them from my home computer. I have immediately called her back, told her she is not allowed to set a foot near my family and that we would drop off her belongings next time we are in Brooklyn.  I  have told her that she has acted very dishonestly by taking advantage of easy work for 4 weeks, and that we have taken a look at the cameras, and will warn as many parents as we can.  She has told us that before, she would often get temporary gigs, as a nanny, for a few days, for parents who really needed one, so be careful as well.

  • Natasha Latysheva- 50 years old, from Evpatoria/Kiev. Worked for us for a little bit. Initially things were OK, but then she became rude, obnoxious, disobedient (for example, would give baby food that he was allergic too, even though she was constantly told not to). Had no clue about safety when it came to the baby despite our repeated explanations(would let him play with scissors, would keep needles out in the open, etc.)
  • Galina Kolmakova - Omsk - Galya took good care of the baby and maintained the house well; however, she made a direct anti-semitic remark to my face at which point we decided to terminate her employment.
  • Raisa Shakhrai (aka Sherman) - hired from a nanny agency.
  • Irina Pavlova -  worked for a good friend of mine. Stole a tennis diamond bracelet and diamond cuff links from them.
  • Salamat "Sonya" Gaipova - Worked for us for over a year and one day quit on the spot for no reason and left the house within 20 minutes on a Monday night, leaving us with no nanny and no way to work.
  • Galina Ryumina- (Galarina in her passport) Antisimetic ignorant woman. 52 years old, thinks she knows everything better than you. She spent a month with me in florida arguing with me everyday about the most ridiculous things, and kept telling me shes older so she knows better. Would go to the park with my friends/nannies of friends and would talk nonsence. She doesn't listen to a thing you say, and talks nonstop. Asked her to feed my baby soup, and saw she was trying to feed her yogurt with meatballs... then she continued to argue that its an appropriate method according t some dr's book she read. Came home from work one day and my 1yr old was in a room playing by herself while the "nanny" was on a computer reading emails in a diff room. STRONGLY advise against hiring this horrid woman.
  • Olya (Ogilsahan Byashimova) - is about 47 and from Turkmenistan and also from Turkey; this woman was at SI park with this little boy and another babysitter..she was paying no attention to the little boy who wanted to go on the swing..she was yelling at him then when she finally put him in the swing she yanked him into place very harshly he was crying..she was too busy on her cell phone to even pay him any attention..then she just left him sitting in the swing alone while she sat on the bench to continue talking on the phone..he started to cry she took him out...then apparently the little boy is being potty trained so i guess she found out that he peed in his diaper or pull ups whatever..she started yelling at him in front of everybody and took off his pants and diaper had him stand outside behind the swings and told him to pee...mind you its not summer outside prosto uzhas..i felt so bad for him on ves za puganiy bil.
  • Lilya Kostyukovsky - 53 y.o., from Moscow, now lives in Randolph, she does have US citizenship and was looking for part-time or full-time job as a nanny since she became unemployed. She worked for us from October to mid-February. She had very good references and was great with the baby at the beginning and when we were around (we have a 8-month old daughter now, Lilya started working with us when she was 3 month old). Once in a while we've been recording her to make sure everything is okay and realized she was doing her job progressively worse each day. She wasn't abusive, no. But she almost never spoke with the baby, left her to play alone (apparently sitting in the Internet) for long stretches of time and only coming to her when she started to cry hard. She did feed her and change her and put her to nap but didn't play with her, read to her, talk to her, carry her around showing things, (you know what you do for infants to develop :) nothing that was discussed as part of her job. We ended up firing her after on one recording our baby has been wining and then crying for 40 minutes in a row (!!!) because she needed company and Lilya didn't even try to comfort her. When we confronted her, she was claiming that she did a good job and this unwillingness to admit to bad work convinced us that we have to fire her.
    Then she realized we are really firing her, she said she had family problems and was very sad lately because of that and started begging for another chance, but my husband was too mad with what happened. Anyways, I know that she's been looking for a job after we fired her so for anyone who is looking just beware (she called one of my acquaintances who placed an ad in Sputnik). I don't want to completely blacklist her - I think she was just bored to work with a little baby (she has more experience with older children), was lazy and didn't want to work hard - basically HALTURILA. For some parents that's just enough if their baby is safe, fed, etc. But we thought this is unacceptable provided that we paid her generously $11/hour (and we paid half-day if we cancelled the day) and our daughter sleeps 3 hours day nap and extremely easy-going, too, so it was an easy job which she failed. We could have paid $8 to a trained school student to do what she was doing but we wanted her to be a good friend for our baby, to help her develop, learn Russian, etc. We told her we will be recording intermittently so after a while she probably thought we stopped recording and started to HALTURIT. Perhaps if anyone hires her and tells her upfront she will be recorded and watched from work continuously, she would work harder. I wouldn't trust her otherwise.
  • Razima 32 Years old, from Kirgizia. Worked for 3 weeks and then one day when we come home from work and she tells me that she wants to leave today because can not handle my son. That they have a different method of raising kids which is spanking if kids deserve. That we talk to our son too much. On which I said please pack your stuff and go. In a week agency calls me that we got this nanny from and tells me that she called them and told them completely different reason for leaving and was asking them to find another family for her since she got fired from the next family that she went to right after us. This nanny is defenetly a mess and just beware!


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