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Moving Companies recommended by Russian Parents

  • We moved in September with Tolya. He and his crew are the best!!! And the price is fair and true.
    (201) 960-6965
    Another recommendation for Tolya: I moved 3 months ago with an EXCELLENT mover. Very careful, fast, professional and polite. I highly recommend. His name is Tolya (201) 960-6965. You can tell him that I gave you his number. Good luck!
  • If in BK, go to any U-Haul rental place or Home Depot in some places (we went to New Utrech one). There are always guys hanging out looking for work. They are super cheap. Get enough of them and they'll move your whole house in few hours. BUT, you have to provide all kinds of damage covering materials (rent from U-Haul) and make sure they use it and supervise them.
  • ‎6 years ago I used to move from Brooklyn to Chelsea. They were amazing. Fast, thorough and polite.
  • My sister-in-law works for A1 if you are interested, PM me! We used them once and they were amazing though we paid an arm an a leg!
  • Heng Tong trans service. 718-539-2874, or 718-539-6669 -- I have one company that's cheap and you'll be extremely satisfied!!! I moved with them 2 times, my sister moved with them, my nephew, my chiropractor, and my piano music teacher daughter, who's extremely cheap. They are Chinese, they work like ants, very fast and very careful. It cost me $400 to move from NJ to NY, of course I tipped them. I gave them $300 on top. Still I think 700 is cheap. They used protective blanket. My sister was moving huge рояль, not one little scratch. What you do you have to call them and tell them approximately how many boxes you have, how many tv's, all your big items. They'll quote you. The name is Heng Tong trans service. 718-539-2874, or 718-539-6669.
  • I actually already moved and used Shleppers. They were very good. They came to my house before the move to check out how much stuff I was moving and gave me a flat rate. They were quick, professional and very good. Highly recommend them.
  • Sergey was great. Few other people used him since and were very happy as well.
  • to move from Brooklyn to Chelsea. They were amazing. Fast, thorough and polite.
  • Use website in getting movers. Basically, you post the details of your move, and multiple movers bid on your job. You can read reviews and then decide. We wound up getting a company called Personalized Moving (
  • Gentle Movers - Adam is the owner 347-267-5849
  • Easy Moving - 718-246-8000 or 212-586-2300; They are average priced but never any surprises with them. They charged per hour rate what they promised to charge and no extra for blankets, boxes etc that they provided.
  • Slava movers they are very fast, efficient and good - 917 8039497
  • 718-788-4920
  • Schlepper's movers. They were great. They packed everything for us as well and did an excellent job.
    (201) 960-6965 just used then to move from bk to Florida great service door to door, was a Russian company


I used these guys out of Brooklyn - Russian Movers, (646) 504-9210, 1680 W 7 Street
Brooklyn‎ MY‎ 11223,, they were great. Small and reliable moving company. Owner - Ivan is on the job himself making sure that the move goes smooth.

VB moving Service (347)553-0435 used them twice,  always on time, polite and professional. Before schedule our move, Vitali (347)-613-1681 come to see how much stuff we have, first time we agreed to pay  by the hour, last time was flat rate, both times they packed everything for us as well. They were amazing, quick, didn't surprise me with any extra charges, no scratches or damaged furniture and we have a lot of them. Highly recommend him. yes