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Live-out Nannies

This list is a compilation of live-out nannies recommended by Russian parents on our Facebook forum.
  • Larisa - 347-208-4638 Dear RP, you can add my nanny, Larisa, as available starting September for full time live out position. She will work in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Let me know if you need additional info. Thank you, Yana T.
  • Tanya - An excellent nanny is looking for a job for 5 days a week for 10-11h or a live in position in Brooklyn. She has been taking care of my niece, but we no longer need her. She is great with little kids will spend time educating your child, cook, and dose light cleaning in the house. Her name is Tanya and you may contact her for further questions at # 347-322-2687. (Say from Sabina)
  • Galya - (347) 517-7209 (Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens) Dear RP, an amazing baby-sitter frees up as of September. I can vouch 100000%, she's my friend's baby-sitter, been with her little one for 2 years (now he's going to daycare), they've been hanging out with my babysitter every day. Her Name is Galya
  • Gita -646-286-0880 loving and caring person.
  • Rosa - 347-254-4281; available in SI live in or live out.
  • Maria -347 737 7653; worked for me for 6 months and took care of my now 19 months old son.
  • Nadezhda - 917-600-1394; geat nanny, has been with us for 3 years. She is amazing, looking for a live out position. She worked with twin infant girls prior . She is very caring, soothing and thorough.
  •  Inna - 1-347-583-7014 ; My,son started day care and now my nanny needs to find a job .If anyone need nanny she is the best. You can trust her with y baby, house. She watched my son from age 8 weeks till 2,5 .She knows all of it.
  • Lena - 347 801 5126; Live out Nanny available in Brooklyn. She worked for me for 2 years and is highly recommended. (recommended by Marina Baraz-Polyakov)
  • Liza -(718) 909-4889; (recommended by Konstantin Frayzond)
  • Rita - (718) 600-8737; amazing sitter who has been with my daughter since she was born for 2 years now. Also too care of my 3.5 year old son (recommended by Sabina Rafalovich)
  • Maria - 347 737 7653; With a great regret we have to depart from our wonderful nanny, Maria. She has been instrumental in the development of my son. She is very experience and has excellent references. Her natural and caring personality exudes happiness around my son. One of her greatest strength is to develop a child in very fun and playful manner. I have never seen her forcing a game or activities, instead, she is flexible and listens to my son's interests and builds the fun and educational activities around these interests. She cooks all his meals from scratch. On a daily basis she makes sure he gets very balanced and nutritious menu. She observes how my son plays and suggests the new age appropriate toys that will be fun for him. Maria is very proactive. At times, she purchased art supplies for arts and craft time. She also pays a lot of attention to physical development. At a minimum, she takes him for a walk twice per day. She never keeps him just in a stroller or in the swing (you can observe that a lot of other babysitters do). She encourages him to move around, chases the ball, explores the nature, and rides all the slides in the park. She actually goes on the slides with him to make sure he is in the safest situation. Maria is extremely responsible and reliable, she always on time and never asked for day off or sick day. My son adores her; he is very happy to see her every morning and gets upset when she leaves in the evening. If you are looking to introduce your child to the Russian culture and the language, you cannot find better resource than Maria. Her Russian is impeccable and she knows all the Russian classics. Maria is looking for full time live out position and she also has experience working with two kids.
  • Olga - 347-612 6396; , live-out in Brooklyn, US citizen, with US experience as a nanny (recommended by Alla Drizovskaya)
  • Dasha - 347-893-7195; Kind, energetic, up-beat (recommended by Masha Shkolnik Leder)
  • Olga - 917 932 3352; A wonderful, caring, loving and attentive babysitter is now available for live out full time position in Staten Island. She is great with small kids. She will teach your kids nap and she will make sure they are well fed ( She is doing great job with the picky eaters). (recommended by Mariya Superfin)
  • Julia - 347-569-1425; in brooklyn available late may/early june (recommended by Luba Rozman)
  • Maria - 347 737 7653; With great regret, we have to depart with our nanny, Maria. She has been so wonderful with our 18 month old son, she has been instrumental in his developmental milestones! Maria is a woman of the highest professional caliber. She is extreamly reliable, trustworthy, hard working and simply wonderful! In hiring Maria, you will benefit the lives of your kids because of her loving and generous nature. She is someone that you can count on, someone who is protective of your children's needs, someone who works tirelessly throughout the day to maintain a safe, clean and organized environment.
  • Raya - 917-863-0330; She is 49 years old, she has been living in america for 7 years. She has a lot of experience with an one child and twins. (Recommended by Polina Zaretser-Libo)

Sveta - (347) 610-8172; Her name is Sveta, she is in her 50's, Armenian, very good with babies and toddlers. I had a lot of contact with her when my son's friend came over for a playdate, and I actually even asked her a couple times to watch my son when my nanny was out sick. Looking in Brooklyn. (recommended by Anna Smirnov Rozentul on 11/7/11)
Tamara - 347-309-8602. She prefers to work with kids older than 3. (recommended by Sophy Kleynerman on 10/19/11)
Anna - 201-838-4591 - My babysitter's friend is looking for a job now. She has worked for one family for 4 years and has very good references.
Lena - 347-801-5126: Our nanny has been with us for 2 yrs and she has proved herself to be a very reliable, loving and caring nanny for our 2.5 yr old who has started daycare. She is available immideately and is highly recommended, with experience from newborns to toddlers, etc. She prefers the Sheepshead Bay area, but will travel to other areas in Bkln. (Recommended by Marina Baraz-Polyakov)
• Please contact Kira Yampolskiy - My nanny is available for a live-out position in brooklyn/Manhattan area right away. We had to let her go since we decided that we need live-in one. She is teacher from Tashkent, 51, great with my 2.5 son and a newborn, amazing cook and reliable person.
Era - 646-577-0279; We unfortunately had to let our nanny go as we are moving farther away. Our wonderful nanny has been with us for a year and our 18 month old absolutely adores her. She lives in the West New York, NJ area but is willing to commute in NJ or Manhattan, and is also open to a live-in position. She is in her early 50s, excellent with kids, patient and incredibly trustworthy. She is here legally.
Marina - 3473099687; She worked with my daughter for a year, and was very good with her. But my daughter turned 2 and started day care. Marina was recommended to me by a director of one day care and the previous family. I have video cameras in my apartment, and I know she was good with my daughter.(Recommended by Alexandra Krayets)
• Please contact MamAnya Shandler - I have a nanny who will be avail starting Nov. She is legal here, from Belarus, 50 yrs old. amazing! PM me if interested. She would pref to work in Sheepshead bay/Brighton Beach area but might consider other areas.
Zhenya/Yevgenia - (646) 479 3946; she is from Ukraine, she has pedagogicheskoe obrazovanie (po mladshim klassam), tons of experience working with babies and kids. She is very energetic and enthusiastic.
Valya - 917.306.0491; We moved out of the city and my wonerful nanny is looking for a new full time live-out position in New York, preferably Manhattan or Brooklyn. Valya was truly a wonderful nanny for my little boy who is now 2 years old, since he was just two months. She is very reliable, enthusiastic and loving person. She is highly educated, intelligent and above all very honest. We all are very sorry she could not stay with us any longer and would recommend her to all our friends. She came to us with excellent references.
Ceda - 646.541.0093 Excellent live-out nanny available for work in Brooklyn. The nanny worked worked for us for 2 years and now we longer need her since my daughter went to day care. She took great care of her, cooked for her and did some cleaning also. (recommended by Giselle Tsirulnik)
Nelly - No longer available - Hired 12/12/11 (347) 681-2841; I have a live out nanny who has been with us for the past 9 months, we all love her. We will be letting her go in two weeks since my MIL will be from Russia to stay with us for a while. I really want to help her find a new job. She lives in Staten Island and will be interested only in live out option. She has a car so she would consider close NJ area as well in addition to SI. I told her that I will help her find new job, so she will not be surprised by calls.(Recommended by Anna Shuster; Posted 11/9/11)
Mila - 347-517-3659; Wonderful nanny is leaving her current job position because the child whom she watches is starting kindergarten. She's been with the family for over two years, since the child was three months old. She is warm, caring, diligent and very careful. There were never worries when she was caring for the child. She treated him with love and care. She is a great cook, and everyone in the family loved her cooking.
Masha - (347) 589 9424 - She is 56 year old. Looking for a position in Brooklyn. She is very nice, reliable and experienced person.
Luba - 718-249-5481 - Teacher's education and experience in Ukraine and America. Reliable, dependable, great with children. She is looking for a LIVE-OUT position only, in Brooklyn or Manhattan.
Elena 347-444-2085; Russian-speaking live-out nanny.
Roza - 347-324-6077; Prior experience working with twins.
• Please contact Rose Yarusskaya on fb - Great, experienced live-out nanny available for full- time in Brooklyn. She worked in one American family for the last seven years. She speaks Russian, Georgian, and English. Highly recom. References are available. If interested let me know.
Sveta - 646-510-0217; Our former nanny who was with us since our son was 6 weeks old till we moved to NJ when he was 2yr 7mo is available for a full time live-out position in Brooklyn. She came recommended to us by a family where she had worked for 3 years until the girl she was taking care of went to daycare. She is Armenian and in her early 50s. She was completely in charge of our son's well being and the household while we were at work, and did a great job balancing baby activities with the house chores. She is very energetic, loves to be outside with the baby, great disciplinarian and a great help in every respect. While developing and entertaining our son, she was also helping out with cooking, laundry, ironing, keeping the house in order, etc.
Dasha - 347-893-7195 - Russian-speaking babysitter with experience in the US, working with more than 1 child at a time, is looking for a live-out position preferably in Brooklyn.
Nelia - 347-275-2828; I would like to recommend my babysitter who helped us to raise our 2 girls. We dont need her service anymore, but I would like to recommend her. She is currently looking for a job, preferably in Marine Park area (Brooklyn). But she may open to other areas. She can escort your child to school and meet him/her after school and babysit the child until the parents are back. She is very creative. May help you with cleaning if time allows.
Rita 646-416-3435 - full-time nanny is available in Brooklyn. (Recommended by Irene Bondar)
Tanya - (718) 689-3291; She is looking for a live out full time position in Staten Island.. (recommended by Rosa Tsirulnik)
• Recommended by Irina Ratner - My mom is looking for work now- she has 15 + yrs babysitting/nanny experience, is great with infants and toddlers, is very health conscious, read up on developmental milestones, and educational excercises and games. She was helping me with my baby for a few months in Atlanta so now came back to Brooklyn and needs a good family to work in. We have tons of recommendations!
Galya - 347 217 0496
Tamara - 347 930 0348 (recommended by Marina Kalikhman Gertskis)
Maria - 347-471-4606; looking for a full-time position starting February 1st. I highly recommend her: she is very caring, responsible, experienced, energetic, hard-working, and has greatly helped me with some house work and cooking in addition to babysitting.
Valya - 347-405-3575; (recommended by Irena Vishnevetskiy)
Alla - 516-491-5005; very energetic, responsible plus she cleans very fast. She’s in her 40‘s so she can keep up with active kids which is important. Highly recommended. She has all documents. Alla is available to work for a family in Brooklyn or Long Island. (recommended by Jaclyn Kulich)
Olya -347 707 8557;( recommended by Marina Kalikhman Gertskis)
Valya - 917-977-0015; (recommended by Laura Zalevsky)
Olya - ‎347 873 9530 (recommended by Irina Beygel)
Vanda - 347-998-8300 (recommended by Bridget Krasnitsky)
Raya - 347-356-0338; She is 54 yo lady from Ukraine looking for 5 days/week live-out work in Brooklyn or Manhattan. Raya has worked with us on weekends for 1,5 years. She is great with our newborn and amazingly patient and stimulating with our toddler as well as a great help around the house. She came to us with excellent references.
Malika - (347) 681-6210 ; 39 yo, energetic, fun. Experience with 2 under 2. My kids immediately bonded with her.
Inna - 347-824-7038; Our son is starting preschool full time in a few weeks and I would like to help our nanny find a new family. Inna has been with us for 2 years (full-time, live-out). Our son loves her and she is great taking care of him and teaching him. She is always on time and flexible with hours when I am late from work. I highly recommend her if anyone is looking for a nanny. The best fit would be Manhattan or Brooklyn, but anywhere within commuting distance from Brooklyn is fine. She can start in the beginning of February.
Galina Golik- I've known this nanny for a few years. She used to take care of my daughter's friend. She is lovely. She was always very caring and loving with the boy she took care of. The boy is very verbal, due in part to her always talking to him. She speaks English well, but
also speaks very proper Russian. She is a nurse by profession and is legal in the US. She is looking for a full-time position in downtown Manhattan, or Jersey City, to start mid-September. She has over three years of experience as a full-time nanny in New Jersey and Manhattan, including with newborns, and 2 kids of her own. She has great references, one of which is my good friend. They have to part with her because their son will be in school all day.; 201 850 9441

  • Masha Kochanova - 347-596-8536 (recommended by Milana Kruter)
  • Alla - 347-336-2900
  • Zhanna - 347-247-3999; seeking a full time live-out nanny/babysitter position in Manhattan or Brooklyn. I am originally from Ukraine where I worked as a nurse. I have been with my current family for 2 years and their kids are now grown and only need a part time sitter. The family is happy to provide me with an excellent recommendation. I am in my mid 30s, clean, punctual and reliable. My current duties include helping the kids straighten up, helping them with homework, light cooking, laundry for the kids, occasionally taking them to doctor appointments, light grocery shopping, and of course taking them to and from school and activities.
  • Lena - 917-495-4478; (recommended by Tamara Babushkin)
  • Tzilya - 718-685-8896; available Mon-Thurs in QNS
  • Rosa - 347-756-1678; available for 3 days a week in SI, 61 yrs old, the other 2 days she works with a small boy in SI. She could be a possible FT live out nanny in SI. (Recommended by Jane Gor)
  • Gulya - 347-666-5675; 49 yrs. old from Tashkent (recommended by Jane Gor)
  • Larissa - 347-265-8918;  The Russian speaking ex-nanny of my son will be available for a full/part time work from January 24th in NYC. She is a very nice, caring person. My son also enjoyed her company.  
  • Sonya - 347-7282235; very nice , reliable and caring (recommended by Rimma Azizo)
  • Rita - 347-275-9612; She is experienced, used to be a teacher of the Russian language, and seems to be a good person. I believe she prefers a part time schedule in Brooklyn but you can ask her about other schedules and locations.
  •  Luda - 646-244-4362; huge experience; (recommended by Rosa Tsirulnik)
  •  Shorena - (347) 675-7541; She is loving, reliable, has plenty of energy to run around with a toddler and has experience with babies. She is soft spoken and never raises her voice.  (recommended by Victoria Karanadze)
  •  Lena -347 801-5126; She was with my son for two years and is highly recommended (recommended by Marina Baraz-Polyakov)
  •  Roza - 347-606-8416; wonderful Russian-speaking nanny is available to work in Brooklyn. I have to say, though she did not work for me, I interacted with her regularly (my daughter and the little girl she has been looking after go to the same dance class). It actually took me quite some time to realize that she wasn't her mother/grandmother. She is very sweet, has been amazingly patient with the little girl (and her older sister), was playing with them, actively engaging with them, and was very affectionate with them.
  • Marina - 347-543-7348; She is 39. She is looking for full time live-out position in Brooklyn or Manhattan. 
  • Anna - (917) 684-0275; I would like to recommend a great energetic, caring and loving babysitter available for full or part time work. Anna is a great caregiver; she has been taking care of our 5-year-old son for the past 2 years.  She is loving, affectionate, energetic and reliable. She is very careful about our child's safety and very punctual. She uses great judgment in all the way that matter most to parents. Her responsibilities included to pick him up from school takes him to play dates and after school classes, make food, tightly up his room and put him to bed. Anna speaks fluent English and Russian.
  •  Zhanna -347-247-3999; She is neat, punctual, and reliable. She worked with my kids for the last 2 years. They are now 5 and 7. She also worked with younger children of my friend's. Her current duties include care of the children including taking them to doctor appointments, light cooking, light cleaning and helping the kids with homework. She is from Ukraine where she worked as a nurse. She speaks Russian but also English with my husband. (recommended by Nadia Titarchuk)
  • Olga - 347-693-6294; available mid April. We are putting our son in day care and, unfortunately, have to let her go. She is willing to commute to Brooklyn or Manhattan. She has been with us for 2.5 years and raised my son since he was under 4 months old. She has tons of experience with children of all ages, in Ukraine, she worked at a day care for 19 years. She is loving, caring, honest, hard working, and very reliable. In the time that she's been with us she truely became family and my son loves her. (recommended by Irina Reym) 
  • Lena - 347 801-5126; in Brooklyn. She was with my son for two years and is highly recommended. (recommended by Marina Baraz-Polyakov)
  •  Rita -718-600-8737; She has been with us for 2 yrs, i highly recommend her. She is only looking for full time, live out in the Brooklyn area. She can start as soon as April 4th. (recommended by Sabina Rafalovich)
  •  Inna - 646-920-4327; she cooks and is great with kids; (recommended by Anna Rusanov)