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Lactation Consultants

  • Freda Rosenfeld - (718) 469-5990;
  • Tamara Hawkins 6463343830
  • Marina Fridman (find her in our secret FB group)
  • LaLeche league
  • Julie Bouchet-Horwitz   914.231.5065. She is AMAZING, compassionate; was the only one to return my call on a Sunday evening with plethora of information without ever having met me or spoken to me, plus she's a registered nurse practitioner who accepts most insurances and is able to prescribe stuff. Plus her office is a living room type set up, very homey.
  • Julia Jaman
  • Sara Chana  - she's a life saver
                                      -sara chana is the absolute
  • Jen is the best!! Amazing!!! 917-750-9708 She lives in Brooklyn-- she's a good friend and she has helped many of my friends.
  • Kathy Waldow of Perpetua Lactation was amazing! Came to my house the day after our call. Really knowledgable and I also believe is or was an RN.
  • Irina is wonderful 347-307-0606
  • Svetlana Tenenbaum (718-648-0042). She was recommended to me years ago, when my first daughter was born. She is very good an honest. She has reasonable rates, and she will talk on the phone with you for hours, if necessary. I referred her to several friends who needed a LC and they were very happy.


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