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Kosher cakes and bakeries

  • Crumbs makes Kosher cupcakes - but they are not Glatt Kosher.
  • OSTRAVITSKIY BAKERY on Ave J Brooklyn  - more than one member recommended this bakery.
         They are also nut free so you don't have to worry about allergies. They make any character cake.
  • COSTCO makes kosher dairy and delicious, but prob not fancy enough for 1st bday, but they can do characters on sheet cake if that works for u, Brooklyn
  • SWEET CHOICE - Coney island Ave, Brooklyn
  • SPRINKLES - on 18th ave - Brooklyn
  • LESTI'S DESSERTS - Brooklyn
  • CAKE CENTER - on Ave P, Brooklyn
  • Le Cake Chic on Facebook -- her cakes are gorgeous, yummy and kosher. She does them out of her house in Lawrence, LI - she can deliver
  • CHIC CAKE I saw their pictures but want to know if it's tasty lol
  • BAKERY on 63rd ave and 99th street (next to met) in QUEENS, I got my daughter's cake there. It was amazing. I forgot the name, but can get it