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Immune System Boosters & Herbal Remedies

This list is a compilation of immune system boosters & herbal remedies recommended by Russian parents on our Facebook forum.


  • Great Old Indian syrup for kid's winter health
  •   fish oil, cod liver oil and echinacea 
  •    forces of nature has fish oil, its little packets that you squeeze into the mouth, it comes in chocolate-orange flavor and i think lemon. i don't remember the name of it, but if you ask them they will point u right to them
  •   Sambucol that for support immune system . But if your child have contact with somebody sick, it doesn't help. Give immediately first defense.
  • Aronia
  •   Cooking with coconut oil protects the immune system as coconut oil is one of the greatest sources of lauric acid ( second to breast milk) . Lauric acid in breast milk is believed to be the reason why breastfeed babies are less prone to infections.  There are 2 varieties, refined and unrefined. The unrefined is stronger tasting and more natural, yet harder to adjust to if one does not like the taste of coconut. The refined one is easiest to adjust to, yet has less nutritional benefit, although still better to cook with than most other oils.
  •   probiotic called Culturelle - its good for the tummy and immune system. He also gets chewable vitamins with Vit C and Zinc.
  •   We also have oscillocicum on hand and give it at the first sign of a virus.
  •   Gaia Herbs Kids Defense Herbal Drops and Nordic Naturals, Children's DHA.
  •    I also give him Engystol by Heel whenever anyone around my son is sick. You can buy all of these on sites such as iherb dot com.
  •   Antigrippin Detskiy Gomeopatichesky” found in Russian Drugstores
  •   Garlic oil that you make yourself. Helps more than antibiotics when it comes to colds, ear infections, etc. Also echinacea (herbs for kids).
  •   These 4 basic things I think have the most impact: dha, vitamin c, good bacteria (yogurt, fermented foods, dirt), plenty of vitamin D from sunlight ... also a child that knows how to daydream, relieves stress, better than a child that screams it out, stress is bad for everyone and has the worst effect even if you do everything right.
  •   garlic oi is for the ears. they sell it too but i always prefer to make it. i take a couple of cloves of garlic and heat it up in olive oil (a little bit, before it really cooks but enough that the garlic infuses the oil with it) when it cools, I add a little drop to each ear. this is from ayurvedic medicine. there is a lot of information about it online if you reserach or feel free to ask me more
  •   echinacea, vitamin c (liqiud), cod liver oil, and probiotics. Also, removal of gluten and dairy for a while does wonders. Try mixing up smoothies with organic fruits and veggies, chia seeds, kale, and raw powders sold in Whole foods. Costco sells a blender called Vita Mix, it blends anything and does not compromise the nutrient value.
  •   Cooking with coconut oil protects the immune system as coconut oil is one of the greatest sources of lauric acid ( second to breast milk) . Lauric acid in breast milk is believed to be the reason why breastfeed babies are less prone to infections. 
  •   'zvyozdochka' - It is called tiger balm and you can buy it pretty much in every pharmacy (the balm that is dark in color is better). However, I do not use tiger balm as I substituted it with something much better. It is all natural and contains pure essential oils - Alpine Herbs Balm by Vivasan. Also, some of the oils in it help breeze easier.   You rub it into feet, chest and back (works like gochichniki). Then warm socks and a sweater. Also a little bit on the nose (if congested). You sweat it out and in the morning your cold is gone (if you catch it on time). When my kid comes home from the street and his feet are cold I would rub it, just as a preventive measure. Another use would be for joint pain, when you need something that warms up or body fatigue after exercise. If your joint pain or back pain or body fatigue is reoccurring there are other natural remedies that would work better as they would help heal. Balm just helps to get rid off pain for those kid of things.
  • Colustrum (, we give about 1 tablet 1-2 times a day)
  • PeakImmune4 ( 1 tablet 1x day for a month at the beginning of the season)
  •   Grapefruit seed extract


  •   Ear infection - Mullein Garlic Compund - Herb Pharm
  •    Cold- Vicks BabyRub or Little Colds Baby Rub rub on bottoms of feet and put socks on then go to bed for the night
  •   Teeth Relief -  oil dilute one drop of clove oil in 1 tablespoon of olive oil and rub it into baby's gums; use as needed every two hours 
  •   Carlson Baby D Drops vit. D supplement
  •   I would suggest a couple of items by Vivasan ( Those are all natural based on herbs:
  • Alpine Herbs Balm (rub it into feet and put warm socks on) and also rub a bit on a crest of the nose (perenositsia). Also if a child is coughing or has a sore throat you can rub it into chest and back and put a warm sweeter on. However, should not be used if there is high fever. (Saved us so many times when we were almost sick but never got sick)
  • Herbs essential oil. Great for steam room (if you have one in the house), bathroom. A while ago I bought Vicks Vapo plug-in vaporizer, so I drop this oil on the pads that came with the vaporizer. It makes it much easier to breeze.
  • If you see that he is getting sick, Tea Tree + Mixture with Manuka and Kanula  (essential oil). It can be used for so many things, including 1 drop into a teaspoon of sugar. For 2-3 days (not longer). Please do not use oil from any other place for this purpose. This one is very ecologically clean product that is very pure and does not contain a lot of junk oils usually have.
  • Blueberry Vital Syrup. I call it magic syrup. It boosts your immune system. Helps brain and eyes too.


  • - online website where above stuff can be purchased cheaper than in other places
  • Forces of Nature - store on Sheepshead Bay Rd in Brooklyn, NY


Family organics Health food store On Staten Island 4072 Hylan Blvd next to Nova great store they have organic fresh juice done in front of you, a lot of kids remedies always 10% on all supplements with a VIP program check it out