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First Finger Foods recommended by Russian Parents

First Finger Foods recommended by Russian Parents
  • we gave my neice pieces of cereal like cherrios, pieces of soft fruits/veggies/meatballs u can give small pieces of cheese .. basically we gave her lil pieces of anything that wouldnt get stuck in her throat. Also nothing with pits or very hard
  • Happy Melts, Plum Organics Super Puffs, watermelon and other soft fruits...
  • Organic kale and spinach puffs
  • Dry frozen fruits and veggies, purely Os, steamed pieces of cauliflower, sweet potatoes or carrots, blueberries
  • I should add i tried cut up banana and steamed blueberries
  • Pizza crust!
  • Pieces of Very ripe kiwi
  • Cheerios are good too, puffs could be better start as they melt quicker
  • Avocado also good, but my 11m old just mastered picking up pieces of avocado cuz its slippery :)
  • Around 8/9 months I was giving my son pieces of asparagus, cauliflower, peas, carrots, chicken..
  • Banana, steamed veggies (carrots, potatoes) , soft fruits, puffs. Everything has to be cut into big enough pieces for them to grab but small enough for them not to choke.
  • I did some rice things, organic of course.
  • We did cheese, and soft fruits/veggies... I would say stay away from puffs, loads of sugar and kids really get addicted to it... we did plain cherrios instead of puffs. Compare the nutritional value.
  • I would give puffs, "organic puffs" by happy baby. Yes it has sugar but it's almost nonexistent. In 75 pieces they have 25 calories with .5g sugar. You will be lucky if your child eats 3-4 in the beginning.
  • my best friend gave her kid freeze dried fruit
  • baby mum mum rice teething things and puffs. i love plum organics brand and their puffs have 1g of sugar and no colorings or additives as well as they have veggie and fruit flavors
  • Finger foods? Matthew loves grilled chicken strips, sweet potato wedges, corn on the cob, plov and bahsh.
  • Sweet potato fries, little turkey meatballs, soft grilled cheese pieces, French toast
  • Slices of apples and bananas
  • Mozarella cheese sticks