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Ear Infection remedies

Compilation of ear infection home remedies as recommended by members of the Russian Parents Group.
Ear infection remedies for children
Ear infection remedies for children

DISCLAIMER: nor its owners do not provide medical advice. The content below is a compilation of recommendations by our members. Use at your own descretion and always consult a medical professional.

  • Similasan pain relief ear drops

    - "They're homeopathic and also, this may sound crazy, but really works--- warm up some salt and put it in a sock and hold it against the ear as a compress"

    --"take garlic put in chesnoko vijimalka ,take pan put little oil on a low flame put garlic and fry it wile u do that mix it squeeze all juice out from garlic. Once its all nice and juicee ( golden color) take gauze pad put on a cup a.d put all garlic in a cup squeeze all juice from garlic in to the cup, then u can throw out garlic,take cotton boll soak it in garlic an put in side his ear then put something worm to cover his ear and zaveje plotok to keep it worm. Trust me it works..."

    -"Garlic oil drops in the ears. Either buy or put crushed garlic and oil overnight together and ready in the morning."

    -"Yes garlic ear oil. i think that's the best remedy there is. i like to make myself but they also sell. herbs for kids is a good brand. if you make yourself, just let it cool a bit and give a drop or 2 in each ear. its a good prevention reme..."

    -"You heat up garlic oil to warm ( put whole bottle in a cup of hot water, then try out on inner wrist to see if too hot. Should be just warm) then do 2-3 drops in each ear and put cotton balls in ear for 5 mins."

    - "Garlic oil does wonders"

  • Boiled egg

    - "compress (don't put hot egg directly on the ear, use a sheet or thin cloth)"

  • Vodka compress

    - "Try a mix of vodka and onion juice. Grate the onion so you get juice mix w lil vodka and drop of water and put in a dropper. Put in the eat and close w cotton ball and have them lay on the other side so it soaks into the ear. Do a few times, should be much better. My parents raised us with that and I do it on myself for earaches now and works every time."

  • Geranium essential oil

    -"take a small cotton ball, put one drop of oil onto cotton ball, turn the ball so that the oil is inside the cotton ball, insert into the ear, leave it there for about 2 hours, repeat 2-3 times a day. It takes the inflammation down. It shall rather quickly ease up the pain. Homeopathic remedy."


  • From natural source you can try using Dushistaya Geran'. Vzyat' kusochek listka, nemnogo pomyat' evo, zavernut' v tonen'kii sloi vati i polozhit' v uho.