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Diaper Rash Treatment

-Burts bees and weleda. I use weleda for during the day an burts bees at night
-Desitin Original is a miracle! I guarantee 99.99% that the diaper rash will go away within 24 hours if you start using Desitin Maximum Strength (one with 40% zinc). Using a thick layer when there's a rash, or very thin layer to prevent rashes
-Boudreaux Butt Paste
-Aveeno for the summer, it is oatmeal based.
-Triple paste, it's medicated.
-Vusion is a miracle worker but it is Rx only
-Weleda Calendula diaper cream -
-A&D ( blue) for regular use & ( purple) for actual heavy duty. A&D is honestly the best. My daughter has never had diaper rash since I have been using it
-Sea buckthorn oil - ablipihavoye maslo

- Aveeno oatmeal soaks and cloth diapers for a few days
-Lansinoh lanolin cream which is used for sore/cracked nipples. Works a miracle. Saved us from using non working cortisone creams.
-Target's brand - Up & Up makes a 40% zinc oxide diaper cream - it cures within 1 day. I think it's a red box. And it's only like $3. Used it when script didn't work.

***If diaper rash creme isn't working, speak to your doctor - it could be a fungal infection. It can also be treated with over-the-counter cremes (athlete's foot creme, actually), but you should have a Dr look at it to confirm.

***Are you using wipes? If you are, you may want to try to just clean him up with soap and water for a while. I try not to use wipes, unless we're outside.

***If you try things and the rash is only getting worse see a doctor cuse if its a fungal infection you would need a prescription for the cream like Vusion, which I must say works like a charm! If its just a rash then all of the above are worth a try.

*** I use Desitin Max strength, but prior to applying the cream, I blot the area with a cotton ball soaked in Mylanta/Maalox. I know this sounds odd, but it works very well, as it neutralizes, as it is basic (vs. stool which is acidic).

*** When your are taking bath add chereda ( nastoi cheredi) into the water.

*** Desitin Max works best for rash. Day to day I use Lansinoh 3 in 1. Its smooth like butter, doesnt smell, no color. its amazing, highly recommend. never got a rash since we started using it

*** Any Zinc Dioxide will do the trick, they're generally all the same base and the generic will be a lot cheaper. Now, that being said, my son has horrible eczema, and I use products from a family friend. His products are available online: and they are 100% natural. I use the "Save Your Skin" spray and it's amazing. Reduces itching almost immediately, and I'll use it at every diaper change, and I'll even use it anywhere he has a rash of any type.

*** Russian oil works great (sea buckthorn oil), but also when it's bad at home I let her run around with underwear to let her skin breathe and if an accident happens I wash her up, I don't use wipes when it's bad always use oatmeal and water when she goes.

***Change the diaper more often and before you put the cream on make sure the skin is dry.

***Instead of wiping after each wet/soiled diaper, washing your baby and letting him air dry. As much air time as possible
***Basically you probably will have to try out all of those out there before you choose the best one for your baby.
***As always, as much nakey butt time as possible...
***The only thing that worked for us was camomile and chereda baths. I have tried every cream on the market. A very concentrated bath and sit in it for as long as he can in the am and pm. Works like a charm.


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This diaper rash is very dangerous and commonly found one in the kids. Most of the time we can see that kid`s wear diapers only. There are no proper technology to develop the diaper without causing any rashes problem to kid`s. In essay services blog we can find some remedies to those rashes which is very effective and good treatment for the problem.

Diaper rashes is a big problem for my kid. She has the rashes all over her back. I was looking for some good effective treatment for this issue. I am afraid to use diapers now.I will try your product and see how this helps.

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