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Dentist for Adults


  • Dr. Anna Alekseyeva
  • Dr. Leonid Zhukovsky
  • Dr. Belenkiy 718 622 8020
  • Dr. Yuriy Kotlyar - has been my entire family's doc for many years. 718-998-6700
  • Dr. Pessin
  • Dr. Yakov Khaitin - on Ave. M 
  • Dr. David Nashtatik - He is absolutely wonderful
  • Dr. Diana Krinker - at Omni dental 718 376 8656. She is amazing- have been going to her for 10+ years, very gentle and very knowledgable
  • Dr. Yelena Vinter - on Ocean Ave
  • Dr. Vladimir Potapalov -  ( He has an office in brooklyn and NJ (I go to Potepalov in NJ and he is amazing, I first went to him 3 years ago and had a lot of work done. Since then I go 2x a year for cleaning and have no problems.)
  • Dr. Yefim Trif - who was a head of the oral surgery group back in Russia about 20 years ago and has dental practice on 86th st and bay parkway. 718-236-1165
  • Dr. Eisenberg - on Nostrand Ave
  • Dr. Umanoff - on gravesend neck road. He is amazing very gentle and trustworthy!
  • Dr James Toppin - best dentist I have had! Very punctual with appointments, doesn't do unnecessary procedures and makes sure you are informed at all times
  •  Dr. Gelfand -  from Family Smile Dental
    (718) 421-1717
  • Dr. Dima Khaytman - I am also not a fan of dentists and he is great
  • Dr. Mann - in downtown bk
  • Dr. Mindlin - in manhattan beach and park slope, very nice gentle, does not do unnecessary work my daughter also stared with him at age 3
  • Dr. Bakman
  • Dr. Kozin - in Forest Hills
  • Dr. Yuri Reshetnikov - near Queens College, he accepts GHI as long as it is not HMO
  • Dr. Serge Tagayevsky
  • Dr. Eugene Khaytsin
  • Family Smile Dental is great. Office in Brooklyn 718-332-4060 and queens 718-275-9800
  • Dr. Nataliy Tribiche  (718) 339-6168
  • Dr. Jacob Podlipsky 718-336-9202, Ave P and East 21st