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DEA agents open fire on drug dealer at Gateway Shopping Mall in Brooklyn

Federal cops were forced to fire on a van in the busy shopping mall at Gateway Plaza in front of Shop Rite, making three arrests on the scene. No people were shot.

DEA agents released fire on a van in a very busy shopping mall at Gateway Plaza on Tuesday at around 3:30pm. Fortunately, although there were lots of passersby present, no people were shot.
The Agents were conducting a “controlled delivery” of two kilos of heroin to the unidentified suspect outside a ShopRite at the Gateway Center in East New York around 3:30 p.m. when the target saw them closing in on him, sources said.
He jumped into a gray minivan, gunned the engine and sped off, narrowly missing a federal agent, officials said. The officials opened fire, hitting the vehicle, but not the person inside. No injuries were reported.
Three people were taken into custody.