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Constipation Relief

These remedies were recommended by our members. Use at your descretion.

DISCLAIMER: These remedies were recommended by our members. Use at your descretion. This website does not provide medical advice.

  • Prune juice
  • Kefir helps, pair it with some fruit.
  • Forces of nature, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's have organic prune juices.
  • Buy prunes and dried apricots in forces of nature and boil it then give him the juice. Worked like a charm for us
  • I buy dried prunes, take 3-4 pour boiling water over them, cover and let stand a few hours, then drain and give the prune water to baby, preferably on empty stomach. My son has problems with constipation and i would give him that when he was little. Now he is 2 and I give him the prunes as well as the prune water
  • More water throughout the day,
  • Beets
  • My son didn't like just boiled prune water so I boiled dried appricots and threw raisins in there for a sweeter flavor.
  • Pear juice works great too.
  • My pedi says pear juice NOT prune juice and it works for us everytime. My 14 month old is prone to the same problem so breakfast gets pear juice everyday and it keeps her regular. Gerber makes one without added junk. And I don't add water so it is more potent. If she does get constipated and the breakfast one didn't do it, instead of milk at meals, she takes a one day hiatus and just drinks the juice. By the end of the day Sylvia always goes! Good luck.
  • You can give prunes in a jar... baby food. It works! Or make him kompot with prunes and other fruits, that way no additives and you control the sugar.
  • Marilax if none of the above help, as they didn't for us. Don't let it go too long becasue later there are issues with them developing fear of going - very hard to get out of.
  • After tried all this, finally switched to almond milk and it helped.
  • Kefir and kiwi
  • George's Aloe Water. It was amazing. It tastes and looks like water. Can get it at whole foods or most health food stores.
  • 1/2 of glycerin suppository
  • Pedialax
  • Karo syrup you can buy it at any supermarket where maple syrup and honey is sold. Our pediatrician recommended it - less irritating to the stomach than prune juice, but still a natural remedy. and the one your child will not object to. One teaspoon to start.
  • Fiber juice. From It was a miracle with my daughter!
  • Fiber gummy vitamins
  • A friend of mine had constipation problem with their kid, turned out that it was because of cow's milk. stopped giving it, and switched to goat milk, problem solved. The Dr couldnt diagnose it for long time for some reason, but its not uncommon.
  • Liquid Suppository - My son had a problem and nothing worked. We gave him prunes, prune juice, fiber gummies, activia, name it, we gave it and nothing worked, to the point where he was afraid to push because it was so painful. Then we tried little kid sized enemas and it worked like a charm.
  • I add infant probiotic into my daughter's milk. You can buy it at wholefoods. You can give it up to 3 times a day in case of real constipation. Just make sure you keep probiotic in your fridge.
  • Miralax works wonders. But do ask your doctor about it. My son was afraid to go to the bathroom because it was so hard. But this takes a few days to work, but after a few days he has soft poop and he wouldn't be afraid to push anymore so he would go everyday.
  • Miralax helped. Lots of water too.
  • Proboitics helped us, after two weeks he started going regularly. Also, now his whole diet is designed to help him go. I add germ wheat and ground flax seed to his pancakes, cookies, and meatballs. Also, chamomile tea helps them go. After I give him my pumpkin pancakes with all the additives and chamomile tea he runs to the bathroom :)
  • I heard potatoe startch is good google it
  • potato starch does the opposite, its god when the baby has a virus
  • Zonis Miralax works really well. My son was really constipated while potty training, even had x-rays because he was so clogged up he was throwing up after eating. It does work. Another good tip my doc gave is if your child looks like he/she needs to go ( potty or diapers) but is holding it, have her blow on something. The physical act of blowing out air supposedly prevents u from tensing rectal muscles. I used to have him blow bubbles, pretend we were in a windy place blowing each others hair around, and used one of those whirly windmill toys that he had to blow on, and used it only for that.
  • My daughter was constipated for the first three years of her life. It was terrible. Tried so many things that worked for a bit but i hated giving her things that werent natural. Finally i found Georges Aloe Vera Liquid. Looks and tastes like water. Only needs a little bit every day. Can get it at whole foods or online
  • We had this problem close to a year. I tried everything. Even Marilax wasn't helping. It was a combination of him being afraid after few episodes, and also milk. Once we switched to almond milk and kept up with Marilax, things went a lot smoother. The fear was harder to deal with. I read lots of posts because the doctor wasn't helpful on the fear part. What helped was once you notice the stool is softer, for about three days, do daily pedi-lax to get them used to going and seeing that it's not painful. Offer lots of praise, encouragement of course and rewards (chocolate for us). He hated the pedi-lax so much that he went as soon as he saw us take it out. But the idea is to get them over the fear hump, from the bottom. The more they go without pain the more they'll hold it in less. Everyday I put him to poop at the same time. The doc said do marilax for about 6 months - that's how long it takes in some cases and then little by little take it off. If your case is not so severe, pear juice helped us the most. Lots of cabbiage and fruits and veggies and other fiber in the diet, lots of water. Good luck. It's more common than you think.
  • Papaya is really good also vinigret works for my dt
  • Svekla does wonders give lil bit first and thn bit more ... It works great
  • Oh also mnogo fluids ,, if u breast feeding eat less carbs cause carbs make stool hard.. Eat veggies drink more water.. Eat fruits.. My older son was on enfamil formula constipated omg it was really bed .. Give skolni sok in between feedings.. W my younger one thanks god we didn't have this prob he was ebf till 8 months now he is on formula , but I got him only baby organic formula it's great no chemicals and not as much sugar as in reg formulas..
  • I tried Miralax, prune juice, this product called fiber juice, almonds, anything with tons of fiber in it... And some things worked but only temporarily and i hated giving her miralax cause its a medication and can give gas pains. Part of her problem became the fear of the pain of pooping which would make things worse (had to take her to the ER once). Telling you that George's Aloe Liquid was a saving grace for me. No side effects, tastes and looks like water, is really healthy for them and the immune system.
  • Zonis Try distraction to get over the fear of pain, if it work on my extremely stubborn kid, it could work for anyone. Pick a toy they could only play with while on the toilet. I let mine blow bubbles (yes, in the house, and it got messy, but whatever). The blowing part really helped too, relaxed other muscles and took his mind off his tushy. :)
  • This last 2 days I been having cravings late at night... I'm breast feeding, I don't want to gain any weight... How should I stop the cravings...
  • Sgushonka s chaem and oatmeal or oatmeal cookies :) eat often just smaller amounts at a time
  • I was starving the first two weeks of breastfeeding. I woke up every two hours to bf and had to eat. So I would make a fruit salad before going to sleep and have that with some youghurt in the middle of the night. I was so hungry that I will remember that fruit salad for the rest of my life. ;) Strawberries, blueberries, honey and some rosewater.
  • Use a Q-tip with a lubricant (Vaseline) and put it up the baby's butt, not too far in but try to twist it a little
  • Suppositories for babies
  •  try a probiotic daily or ever other day, yogurt and papaya also help but only if eaten every day (for breakfast ideally). I also do the following which works 100% of the time but depend if your child will eat this. butternut squash, yams - steam or cook on the stove in some water, bake a green apple in the microwave - take skin off, blend all together (add some sugar or honey if desired) - eat a few times per week as breakfast, lunch or dinner.


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