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"Compensation for Mistakes"

If you feel that in the course of medical treatment or surgery an error occurred, and that error caused serious consequences to your health, you absolutely should consult with the firm of Kadanoff & Kadanoff, PLLC. 26 Court Street, Suite 1710, Brooklyn, New York 11242 718-875-6706 Why? Because the cost of living is getting more expensive every day and medical treatment – by the minute. The monetary compensation that you may receive for a medical error may be a big help to you in the upcoming years. But to win a lawsuit against experienced lawyers that are hired by doctors and hospitals, you will need the firm of Kadanoff & Kadanoff, PLLC to represent your rights. Kadanoff & Kadanoff, PLLC is a family law firm, will treat you like family and will give you the individual attention you require.
As a son of an immigrant, says Philip Kadanoff, I have a special feeling for people and their children who have had to fight for a place in the sun against bigger and more powerful opponents, including big City and State corporations. We are proud to be able to help clients who have sustained physical trauma and chronic pain due to the errors of doctors, hospital staff, nursing home staff, and in automobile accidents and other accidents. We successfully protect the interests of our clients in Court, and have recovered millions of dollars for our clients. The firm of Jacqueline Kadanoff and Philip Kadanoff has successfully fought for the rights of their clients for a combined total of seventy years.
What kind of mistakes are we talking about? Carelessness of doctors and hospital staff during birth, where infants are brain damaged, mistakes in the field of urology, gastro-enterology, oncology and in other specialties, missed or undiagnosed infections, hardships and serious physical consequences due to a failure to perform tests be it a CT-Scan, a biopsy or sonogram (as examples) and failing to timely diagnose cancer and other serious medical conditions causing the condition to become worse or fatal.
The firm also obtains monetary compensation for clients who have been seriously injured in automobile accidents. Serious trauma means fractures, and other injuries that cause permanent injuries.
Here are just a few concrete examples, both medical malpractice and personal injury cases, from the practice of Kadanoff and Kadanoff, PLLC. (names omitted for confidentiality).
In Brooklyn, a woman during the latter stages of her pregnancy experienced a sudden spike in her blood-pressure. The diagnosis of preeclampsia was missed, the doctors not having noticed that she had already experienced jumps in her blood pressure in the past. After the birth of her baby, she was discharged from the hospital notwithstanding the fact that that her blood pressure was high, she had difficulty breathing and was coughing up blood. Soon after, the woman was brought to the emergency room in poor condition where she went into a coma. The firm of Kadanoff & Kadanoff, PLLC obtained their distinguished medical experts who were ready to testify on behalf of the plaintiff. In the face of undeniable proof the defendant hospital agreed to settle before trial paying the family over 7 million dollars. Luckily, the baby was born, healthy.
A woman who had a weak cervix and required a cerclage, she went into premature labor at only the 28th week of her pregnancy. When she arrived at the hospital her water had already broken and the doctor felt she should be transferred to a different hospital better equipped to care for a premature infant. Prior to transfer, she was placed in a room and basically abandoned for approximately a 2 hour period. No one called to arrange to have her transferred, no doctor checked on her and no one realized the baby was in a footling breach position, meaning the baby was feet first. When a doctor finally saw her, the infant’s feet had already protruded through the vagina and were tangled up in the cerclage suture placed to close the cervix. An emergency c-section was then performed. Miraculously, the baby, born at 1 lb 8 oz suffered no brain damage and only suffered an injury to her right ankle caused by the cerclage suture. At the time of trial, the infant had made a substantial recovery. The case settled prior to trial resulting in guaranteed payment to the infant of 4.3 million dollars over her lifetime.
A client was waiting on the corner of a Brooklyn street when a car, speeding out of control went up on the curb and hit him. His leg became pinned under the car and he ultimately required an emergency below the knee amputation of his leg to save his life. The settlement resulted in a pay out to the client of 3.1 million dollars over his lifetime.
A young, pregnant, obese woman had symptoms of vomiting, excessive weight loss and dehydration. The doctor was not concerned by this and it turned out the woman was actually suffering from a medical condition known as hyperemesis, which causes vomiting and dehydration during pregnancy. As a result, she became severely nutritionally deprived of necessary vitamins, which caused a condition called Polyneuropathy resulting in partial nerve paralysis of her legs and an inability to walk for a period of time. Fortunately, the woman regained the use of her legs. The case was settled for 1.4 million dollars.
A gentleman who developed an infection in his ankle, which was not treated properly. He ultimately developed an infection in the bone called osteomyelitis and required several operations. A simple test and withdrawal of fluid from the ankle would have prevented the infection from going into the bone and might have avoided the operative procedures that were necessary as a result of the neglect and failure to diagnose. That case was settled for $1,250,000.00.
A college professor fractured his leg due to a hidden depression in the baseball field on a ball field owned by the City of New York while he was taking his students to a baseball game between students and teachers. The recovery was $1,000,000.00.
A woman who, while enjoying her 6 year old daughter’s birthday at a fun park suffered a severe fracture of her foot while going down an indoor slide while her feet were placed in a sack used to make her go faster. At the bottom of the slide were metal bars that were covered with pillows. The woman, with her daughter on her lap, went down the slide and her leg hit the metal bars at the bottom. Fortunately her daughter was not injured. The case settled for $990,000.00.
An 80 year old woman, suffering from severe Alzheimer’s, was being taken care of and relied completely on her home health aide for all areas of daily living. She lived in an apartment with her husband at the time. One day, when the husband was out shopping, the home health aide left food cooking on the stove while she was on the telephone. A fire started and the aide left to get help, leaving the women behind in the apartment. By the time the aide returned, the woman had suffered severe burns as a result of the fire and died soon after. The case settled for $775,000, which was the maximum amount available from the insurance company, and a trust was set up for the benefit of her husband, which enabled him to keep his Medicaid and Section 8 benefits while, at the same time, having access to significant monies, which made his life easier prior to his recent death.
Kadanoff & Kadanoff, PLLC also manages to obtain millions of dollars in many cases involving brain damage in infants. The reasons for the brain damage are mistakes made by doctors caring for pregnant women, prenatally, during labor and during birth. As a rule, brain damage occurs when there is a lack of oxygen to the brain. The brain damage might not manifest itself for several years until the child shows delays in speech, the ability to learn and delayed developmental milestones, including speech and language skills.
Usually, it is considered difficult to find a doctor, a competent specialist, who is willing to testify in Court against a doctor in the same field. But the firm of Kadanoff & Kadanoff, PLLC. has developed relationships with experts with excellent credentials in most fields who will testify on behalf of our clients. Over the years the firm has gathered a group of qualified doctors who take part in the preparation of expert testimony at the time of trial.
Although, the range of expenses to bring a case from preliminary procedures through trial, if necessary could amount to $25,000- $85,000, Kadanoff & Kadanoff, PLLC pays all of the expenses until there is a recovery.
Understandably, only matters with potential serious permanent consequences to the health of a client are accepted. Only after the closing of a case, where the Court pronounces a verdict or at the time of settlement (which happens often) only then does the firm receive a percentage of the winnings. The percentage is standard and governed by statute.
Although there are verdicts for multiple millions of dollars ($42,000,000.00, etc.), most of these high verdicts are reduced significantly by the higher Courts and are thus meaningless.
A medical malpractice matter is detail oriented and requires individual attention. The preparation often takes many months. As far as automobile accidents are concerned, the review of these matters is substantially less time consuming. Handling an automobile accident is relatively easy for lawyers like Philip Kadanoff, Esq. and his partner, Jacqueline Kadanoff, Esq. who are used to handling the medicine and other complexities in malpractice cases. There are far less issues to deal with in a basic auto case.
A client that calls the firm of Kadanoff & Kadanoff, PLLC does not lose anything in any event. If the matter involves serious consequences to the health of a client or his death (in which case a family members represents his interests) the attorneys will investigate every matter, and assign it to one of their expert doctors for a review of the medical records and circumstances. The earlier they get your case the more time they have to investigate. There is a statute of limitations for an adult in a malpractice case of two and a half years unless there is continuous treatment or if the client died as a result of the negligence. The statute of limitations in a case involving an infant is ten years from the date of the malpractice. You must not wait until the last minute to call Kadanoff & Kadanoff, PLLC because it takes several months to investigate a matter thoroughly. The Statute of Limitations for an automobile or other accident case is three years from the date of the accident. If the City of New York, including a City Hospital is involved you must be aware the firm has to file a Notice of Claim within ninety days and a Summons and Complaint within one year and ninety days on your behalf.
Of course, the firm of Kadanoff and Kadanoff, PLLC does not just serve Brooklyn, but all the other boroughs of New York. Kadanoff & Kadanoff, PLLC responds to all calls and the client is contacted on a regular basis in a very friendly and informative manner. It is not a secret that there are attorneys who retain a matter and then disappear for several months. If a client is unable to travel to the office, an attorney will travel to their home or have the client picked up by a limousine service. “We believe that a good client is an informed client.”