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Children's Vitamins / DHA, Supplements and where to buy them

This list is a compilation of Russian parents' most recommended kids vitamins and supplements.

DISCLAIMER: This website does not provide medical advice. We are not doctors. Please use descretion when following members'  recommendations below:



  • SmartyPants multivitamins are not dipped in high fructose corn syrop and unlike most brands sold, this is the only brand that has 100% recommended daily value of vitamin D and Omega-3s (DHA) along with othe vitamins. Most other brands do not have 100% drv of Vit D. Found a coupon on another site: ACGB50 for 50% off on one 3-pack per customer.
  • "My Kidz Iron" with vitamins...
  • Yummy Bears since 1 years old, sometimes people start earlier
  • Vitamin D
  • Gummy Vites -  2 daily and fibergummies 2x daily
  • Childlife Vitamin D drops
  • Trivosel drops
  • Liquid Children's Multi - Mango / Orange flavor
  • " Child life Multivitamin" , 6 month and up. Organic
  • Enfamil Polyvisol with Iron, or any Infant/Toddler vitamin with iron is fine.
  • Mona vie Mmūn, it has all nutrients and vitamins in one shot of juice and tastes good




  • Kids Sambucus
  • "Sambucol" brand
  • ChildLife first defense
  • Panto C (with whole elderberry fruit). My daughter could not sleep at nite due to her cough, after a day of giving her this natural syrup 2x a day the cough was virtually gone. I purchased it in the kosher vitamin store on Ave M and e 18th. 


  • Forces of Nature (on Sheepshead Bay Rd, Brooklyn)
  • Ebay
  • (free 2-day shipping)
  • Nate's Pharmacy - 2304 Nostrand Avenue; (718) 338-0709


There is a health food store on staten island they have a lot of kids remedies also Juice bar organic like forces of nature they have a 10% VIP discount on all vitamins all the time. Really nice and clean store, owners are very helpful and knowledgeable.