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CRUELTY CAUGHT ON CAM: Horror Aide Worker Abusing Russian Grandfather in Queens

Here's why our beloved parents, grandparents and great grandparents need cameras installed too

A Russian family caught a home aide, Ihor Krutovskyi, abusing their beloved 78-yr old father and grandfather, Mr. Bentsion Murakhovsky, in his Queens home in April 2014.

Police have charged Ihor Krutovskyi after he was caught shaking, slaping and smacking the 78-yr old 115lb paralized stroke victim with Parkinson's disease, Mr. Bentsion Murakhovsky. The act was caught on a nanny cam that was installed after the family became suspicioius of previous aides sent by same agency that sent Ihor Krutovsky, Personal-Touch Home Care.

The family of the victim stated that after previous aide started working with the elderly man, Mr. Murakhovsky became withdrawn. But the family desperately needed aide because all family members either work or go to college.

When new aide, Ihor Krutovskyi, started working with the man, family's first impression of him was very positive. Krutovskyi was informed about the fact that camera was installed. Unfortunately, the first impression was wrong. Six days after starting work, Krutovskyi turned off a cable connecting the camera to TV and started abusing the elderly man. What he didn't realize is that he didn't disconnect the camera, only the sound, so the family was able to catch the abuse on video.

The wife and granddaughter of the elderly man were horrified.

Per NYDailyNews:

“Why would you hurt an old, sick man?” Murakhovsky’s anguished granddaughter Gabrielle Murakhovsky asked, choking back sobs.
“He’s sick as it is,” she said of her grandfather. “He doesn’t deserve more pain.”

...the grandpa’s wife and granddaughter were horrified when they watched the abuse. “He’s completely paralyzed and bed-bound,” said Gabrielle, who lives with her grandparents. “Why would you do that?”

Krutovskyi was charged with 2 felonies: endangering the welfare of an incompetent person and endangering a vulnerable elderly/incompetent/disabled person. He is currently out on bail since April 12. The family are now suing Krutovskyi and the home care agency that sent him.  

Mr. Bentsion Murakhovsky with his wife [Image Source: NY Daily News]
Mr. Bentsion Murakhovsky with his wife [Image Source: NY Daily News]

News Source: NY Daily News