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Can you help Iolanta Mamatkazina?

Call 718-223-3495, or email at
Iolanta Mamatkazina, 15 months old baby needs your help. Call 718-223-3495, or email at

“Hope…….Never give up hope!  The minute you do, the child will feel it and give up too.”   --- Anonymous
Who is Iolanta Mamatkazina? She is a 15 months old little girl with cancer. Because of negligent and costly treatment in Moscow, Iolanta went blind.  Her mother and father learned that there is treatment in the USA that could help their daughter's eyesight. They sold everything they have to fly out to the States and start initial treatment. The mother brought Iolanta to New York, while the father stayed behind to work and care for their older son.
The doctors here in the United States think that her left eye still has a chance to recover.  She is being treated by Memorial Sloan Hospital in NYC and lives in the charity housing of the hospital, Ronald McDonald House (charity housing for pediatric cancer patients) in Manhattan. For those that like to confirm cases  like, Ronald McDonald House contact phone number 212-639-0100, and Iolanta with her mother, Katerina, are staying in room 804.
Iolanta and her mother came here on a visitor's visa for medical reason, so they are obligated to pay bills. Huge bills. They sold everything they owned to get medical treatment in our country. Their medical bills are enormous.  They desperately need our community's help financially as well as with obtaining clothes, housing, food, child care needs, etc.  The treatment and rehabilitation may take up to 2 years and will be very costly for the parents.
If you can help Iolanta and her mother - please do. They need your support financially to afford the treatment and rehabilitation.

  • At present (Sep 2012), baby Iolanta wears clothes in sizes 18-24 months and shoe size 21-22). Her diaper size at present is size 4.
  • The mother wears size small (US 4) clothes and shoe size 9. They also need diapers, toys, and food.  If you have items to drop off, Call 718-223-3495, or email at

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Help Support Iolanta Mamatkazina

The family and friends of Iolanta are uniting to raise money to help with her battle against  cancer. Please show your support.


Call 718-223-3495, or email at


And above all they need you to pass this story!