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Brooklyn Stands with Israel Rally at Asser Levy Park

Photos and quotes provided by Jacob Kornbluh @jacobkornbluh

Photos and quotes provided by 
Jacob Kornbluh

On Thursday, August 6, hundreds gathered for a peaceful pro-Israel demonstration at Asser Levy park. It was attended by a few politicians, businessmen as well as singers. See the photos below and quotes by some.

One of the many faces of Israel supporters:

One of the many faces of Israel supporters:

Kick Hamas' Ass:

Hundreds gather at a peaceful rally for Israel:

Steven Cymbrowitz: ""Israel uses pain-staking restraint not to harm civilians.. We finally need to tell the world: enough.."

Mort Klein: "The 'peace-loving' Palestinian civilians have a dining room, a living room, a bedroom & a missile room."

The awesome Inna Vernikov, the one that wrote this incredible letter to Penelope Cruz blasting the actress for signing the anti-Israel letter.

Benny Elbaz was singing his hits:

Malcolm Hoenlein: "Hamas exists to kill, Israel, sometimes, has to kill to exist."

Dov Hikind: "Thank God there no sirens going off o 5th ave & 13th ave. Americans don't know what it's like to run 4 cover"

Galit Burg Michael, 1989 Eurovision contestant sang:


Photos and quotes provided by Jacob Kornbluh @jacobkornbluh