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Amazing FB Status of the week

Gil Tal's Facebook Status on October 4, 2013:


"There's a reason for this story and a reason I'm posting it. Ill post both reasons at the bottom. 

As I left the gym and went to my usual health food spot for a bite I ordered and sat down and saw a US soldier in full navy fatigues come in and go place an order. The owner who knows me was taking his order. I made eye contact with her from my table and nodded "no" and pointed to myself. She got what I meant and when he took out his wallet she said, "there's no charge sir, it's been paid for". He was puzzled and thanked her and started looking around the restaurant. As I was leaving he walked over to the door and smiled and shook my hand and said "thank you" to which I replied, "no sir, thank YOU" and walked out. 

The reason I did it is because each morning I set goals for my day, both business and personal. I make them realistic and achievable but I also hold myself accountable for them. One of the personal goals is to make a positive impact on another person before I go to bed that night. Our servicemen and women sacrifice their family time and out their lives on the line for us to enjoy what we have. I make it a habit to give them a small token of my appreciation to let them know that the average American does appreciate them and if you can allow yourself the opportunity I urge you do the same. 

The reason I'm posting about it is because one of my goals is to not only enhance other people's lives but to inspire them to do the same for others. I'm hoping this post will accomplish two of my goals today!! "