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ALERT! Deranged woman claims others' babies are her - two sightings

***Update: a member of the Russian Parents group sent in a photo of the woman who claims others' babies as hers.

On May 17, 2012, in the area of Trump Village in Brooklyn, NY (around Ocean Pkwy to West 5th) we were notified by a member of the group, of a young Spanish deranged woman claiming that the baby in the stroller was hers, please read her alert below -

"This is scary and I feel compelled to share with the RP dad and DH didn't want to tell me to upset me while I was at work but yesterday afternoon, my dad took the baby for a walk and sat down on a bench and this Spanish chick comes over and says "give me my baby" and tries to grab the stroller. My dad smacked her hand an told her to get the hell away from the stroller. He got up and started walking away and she kept following him. He stopped and told her to again to get away and she goes and pulls out a screw driver and demands he give her the stroller. He calls the cops and the pieces of shit took 25 minutes to get here and she kept following him down neptune avenue. My dad called DH to come downstairs to show he is the child's father. Cops show up and say this chic is a sc...hitzo that sleeps by the boardwalk and gets arrested frequently. She was hysterical crying when the cops came that this was her baby and my husband was lying. Cops asked dh to show proof he is the father. They arrested her and an ambulance showed up. I live in trump village, a pretty safe and secure area and there are always so many children running around and playing,this is so crazy I still have the chills.
I will be calling building security and today and speaking to them and try to get a copy of the police report, as I was not there when the cops arrived. I want to alert all parents in the the area to watch out."

On May 31, 2012, another member reported a similar encounter with the allergedly same lady, please read her alert below -

"Do you remember the story with the crazy spanish lady screaming about a child being hers on Neptune Ave....well that just happened to me!!!!!! I was walking next to walgreens with my hubby and our big dog. She was sitting at the bus stop and as we were crossing the street she started yelling my baby thats my baby so i atold my husband omg thats the lady i told you about. She didnt get up to come next to us so my husband said to the dog 'fas' and he started barking she quickly shut her mouth but I had goose bumps thinking what if i was alone!!! How crazy!!!"

This is an ALERT for all parents strolling, walking, living in the area to be aware of this situation, keep guarded and safe.