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Adult UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) Remedies - as posted in Russian Parents Group

*** does not provide medical advice. Consult your doctor if you are experiencing a medical issue.

  • Possibly antibiotics
  • AZO for pain/discomfort
  • UVA Ursi
  • boil real cranberries and drink.
  • Urelief or Uricalm for the pain but will prob need antibiotics
  • Cipro
  • UVA Ursi sold in hollistic pharmacies or vitamin shoppe is excellent, and preparing real cranberries is much better than cranberry juice, but these remedies work wonders at the onset, once the infection progresses antibiotics might be a better way to go
  • AZO, Cystex. That's OTC. If u can find margontsovka on Brighton Beach, sitz bath is good too.
  • Get a script of trimethoprim sulfate antibiotics. They work like a charm, but see doc as they are by Rx.
  • I've just read yogurt with probiotics, or garlic, I thought that's for yeast infections...
  • AZO works wonders but it's only to be taken no more than 48 hours, basically until you get to the doc.
  • For adults there are cranberry extract called Demannor sold in forces of nature, it really worked for me
  • Lots of water( the more u drink the more u pee) .. Eat water melon it's mochegonoe..
  • make a parsely drink ts also machegonoe boil it and make like tea from it .. taste isnt great but it works
  • Mondella tea from lipa and buzina