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Adult neurologists recommended by Russian Parents

Here's a list of adult neurologists recommended by Russian Parents


  • Dr. Yan Lupyan 1 (718) 232-1022
  • Dr. Alla Mesh 718-625-2123 she used to work in ny headache center before starting her own practice


  • Dr. Alex Schick
  • Dr. Enrico Fazzini - NYU
  • Dr. Alexander Mauskop
    Member states: "... is great, I trained with him and have seen his effective methods, but he barely takes any insurance. "
  • Dr. Lawrence Newman - St. Luke:
    Member states:   " an expert as well"


  • Dr Najar
    Member states: "is amazing!!!"
  • Dr. Idan Sharon
    Member states: "the best"
  • Dr. Allen Perel -
    Member states: "Super amazing." Another member confirmed: "Amazing"